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■-• rih; 



^'2n V 

$ Sw?epi 


Bishop's College School 












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fit s 

* ■*. .. ■ v 



Jimmy Epas Atomate 

Jimmy Atomate was born in 1988 and passed away in 2006. On behalf of the Atomate 
family, we would like to thank Bishops College School (BCS), all its faculty members and 
students for your continued prayers and support which are a real expression of your 
ability to understand the pain of others - our pain - on a personal level, and to share it in 
an accessible manner. 

You were there when bad things happened to good people, when Jimmy Atomate - who 
graduated here at BCS in June 2006 and attended Acadia University at Wolfville, Nova 
Scotia, in September 2006 - passed away in October 2006 doing what he liked and 
excelled in: playing basketball. You were there to offer us consolation in times of sorrow. 

I would like to thank you, in particular, for setting up the JIMMY ATOMATE AWARD, for 
keeping Jimmy's memory alive, and for giving Jimmy's example a place at BCS which he 
loved. From now on, every year, Jimmy's smile will always shine, at BCS, in our hearts, in 
our minds. 

The JIMMY ATOMATE AWARD is an elegant and instrumental expression of your 
support when tragedy strikes. For the Atomate family, in particular, it is a touching, 
heartwarming book on Jimmy's achievements and example. 

This book is dedicated to Jimmy Epas Atomate, my beloved son, who gave us, by his 
sudden death, this unique life-time experience to celebrate his eternal life and who gave 
us our first concept of Heaven, as do most religions, and they should all be respected. 

The version of Heaven represented by Jimmy's life after death - through the JIMMY 
ATOMATE AWARD - is a wish, in some ways, that my son, and others like him, realize, 
finally, how much they mattered and how they were and will always be loved. 

Like Einstein speaking to younger scientists, I taught Jimmy to be a man of VALUE, not a 
man of SUCCESS. Jimmy passed that test with outstanding mark. I will always be proud 
of my son. I will always love JIMMY EPAS ATOMATE. 

Je vous remercie et que Dieu vous benisse tous ! 

In Loving Memory 

Published in Canada Printed in the USA 

We'd like to thank you for your support .... 

...without which we would never be here. 

J. Wilt. R. Mesnil. 
S. Brown. K. Rue. 


First Row: M. Vivares, E. 

Goldfinch, A. Holland. I. Curr. N. 

Larfi. S. Ash 

Second Row: 

A. Kasowski. 

N. Frizzle 

Third Row: M. Madsen. M. 

Deschamps, C. Evans, J. Carey. D. 

Liverpool. D. Rae. M. Forest 

Fourth Row: D. Dutton. P. 

Kandaluft. L. St. Jacques. M. 

St. Jacques. D.L. Shepherd. D. 

Pfliger. D. Maxwell 

Fifth Row: S. Healey. C. Daigle, 

S. Kelso 


First Row: B. Sanchez. P. Lahone. M. Aguirre. A.E. Turcntte, M. Vivares, S. Ragueneau. Y.J. Kang, H. Carey. M. Herring. M. Bnnckman-Smith. P. Shih 
Second Row: J.C. Aguirre. L. Illick, A. Onahowale. G. Guerra. A, Bernard. N. Charlton. J. A. Vallejo, A. Ahn. S. Ewing, A. Montoya. D. Arevalo 
Third Row: LA. Ortiz. P. Gonzalez, K. Lai. F. Gosselin. E. Borgio. M. Ruiz. A. Lee. J. Su. P. Tamhorrel, T. Pasquier. A. Park. O. Rodriguez. J.K. Kim 
Fourth Row : A. Perez. O. LeGuillou. J. Andrews. F. Roumel. J. Bustamenle, A. Rozon 


First Row: H.J. Jang. L. Cho, W. Kao. Y. Hsu. C. Heyerhoff, K. Clio, C. Houle-Laberee, T, Kanazawa, .1. Yin, P. Allen. J. Martin. P. Martin 

Second Row: M. Vivares. Y.J. Kang. S. Ragueneau. R. Ruiz. M. MacKenzie, R. Mukowa. M.S. Hong. J. Forget, H. Carey, M. Herring, M. Brinckman-Smith. P 
Shih, F. Sarrasin 

Third Row: J. Hardnig-Marhn, A. Bernard. A. Onahowale, R. Park, Y. Piyale-Sheard. V. Redwanly, A. Mathieu. C. Matheson, L. Logan-Chesnev. S. Bernard, N 
Morrow. F. Belanger. C. Hyunh. N. Rae 

Fourth Row: T. Pasquier. A. Park. J. Hsueh, G. Bieler, B. Harrington, S.M. Turcotte, D. Cannon. C. Teed. R. Comeau. M. Bibeau. P. Beaudry, D. Slenason I 
Letehvre, N. Bradley. R. Mathevet, F. Taschereau, F. Roumel, M. Chung. J.W. Cheon 


First Row: N. Rae. C. Huynh. F. Bclanger. Y. Piyale-Sheard, V. Redwanly, C. Matheson. A. Mathieu. L. Logan-Chesney. S. Bernard. N. Morrow 

Second Row: M.S. Hong. H.J. Jang. J. Yin. M. Chung. C. Teed. P. Beaudry. R. Comeau 

Third Row: K. Constable. J. Bematchez, A. Usher-Jones. Mr. R. Jackson. J. Hsueh, G. Bieler. S.M. Turcotte, D. Cannon. B. Harrington 


First Row: M. Vivares. H.J. Jang, M. B.bean. W. Kao, J. Andrews. Y. Hsu. K. Constable, L. Cho. J. Bematchez. M. Mackenzie. F. Taschereau. R. Ruiz. J. Lefebvre. 

S. Mastalir 

Second Row: F. Sarrasin. J. Martin. P. Martin. K. Cho, J. Yin, J. Forget, C. Sinsky-DaPonte. T. Kanazawa. C. Houle-Laberee. R. Mukowa, P. Allen. M.S. Hong. H. Lee 

Third Row: C. Huynh. N. Rae. S. Heyerhoff. Y. Piyale-Sheard, R. Park. S. Bernard. A. Mathieu, V. Redwanly. C. Matheson. L. Logan-Chesney. J. 

Fourth Row: F. Belanger. D. Stenason. F. Roumel. N. Bradley. N. Morrow. P. Beaudry, R. Comeau. S.M. Turcotte. G. Bieler, C. Coderre. A. Bernard 

Fifth Row: C. Teed, R. Mathevet, D. Cannon, A. Park, J.W. Cheon. J. Hsueh. B. Harrington 



First Row: A. Bourke, J. Zeller. R. Rodriguez, R. Garner. A. Henderson. M. Wood, 

A. Usher-Jones 

Second Row: C. Haynes, E. Forget. S. Mastalir, J. Onahowale, H, Sakama. 

A. Taschereau. A. Ladak-Barber. J.H. Lee. K. Cho. K. Huynh 

Third Row: J Daws. J, Luc-Turgeon, C. StMarche, R, Ruiz. F. Moreno, M, Dao 

Fourth Row: G. Ehrenwald, M. Tsatsoulis, S. O'Reilly, L. Roberge 

From Left to Right: F. Elliot. J.K. Kim. P. Jenkins. F. Gosselin. K. Im. 
A. Bernard. Mr. D. Dandurand, S. Teed. B. O'Connor. J. Cohen 

CHOIR lirs( R,,w: N - Charlton, T. Pasquier, MA. Fee, P. Shih, H. Sakama. F. Mohammed. AS. Pfaendaer, J. Truckle 
Second Row: Y. Hsu, A. Kim. J, Song. S. Chavez, P. Faure 

Third Row: Ms. M. Simard. S J. Kim. M. Urmckman-Smilh. W. Ka«,. I.. Cho. D. llanili|o. L. Illick HJ Park Yl Kin" F Rnumel 

D. Stenason, G. Henderson. J. Fdgar, E. Mignol 6 ' ' 

Fourth Row: FA. Downey. M. Vivares, C. Schmidt. I.. Logan-Chesney, I. Harvey. C. Kour,. M. Materne, K. Cho, M. Forian, B. Harrington 



First Row: Mine. M. Forest, MP. Bertrand- 
Guillemette, S. Bernard, C. Coderre, H. Lee. 
M. Sakai, E. Olguin 

Second Row: S. O'Reilly. T. Kanazawa. K 
Constable, L. Cho, MA. Gun/ale/. S.J. Lee. 
F. Elliot, J.H. Lee 

Third Row: M Tsatsoulis, F. Belanger, K 
Ini. A. Meredith, J.W. Cheon, D. Cannon. L 
Logan-Chesney, J. Bernatchez, G. 
Ehrenwald, L. Roberge 


From Left to Right: S. Ewing, A. Nemet, K. Lai, A. Gelinas Roy. J. 
Andrews, Ms. S. Brown, M. Pasquier, A.E. Tureotte 


From Left to Right: P. Shih, Y.J. Kang, G. Martinez, M. Vivares. Ms. D. 
Taylor. S. Mereier 


From Left to Right: N. Charlton. T. Pasquier, Ms. K. Rae, S. Raguene 


From Left to Right: Mr. D Rat.-. C. Smith, H. Vivares 


From Felt to Right: There's... okay, there's there are a lol ol people in this photo. See if you can find yourself. 



Front Row: J Harvey 

(editor), Mr. S. Kelso, 

R. Garner (editor), A Lillis, 

/.. Kirkham, S. Notrnan 

Back Row: T Kanazawa, 

B. Wickens, D. Haniiijo. 

M. Sakai, 0. Lefebvre, 

B Dupui' 


First Row: F. Belanger. F. Elliot. P. N'djore-Acka 

Second Row: L. Logan-Chesney. C. Houle-Laberee. E. Forget, MA. Lee. A. Kim. A. Gellev A. Ladak-Barher, Y. Hsu. E. Kruse 

Third Row: C. St.Marche. C. Coderre. A. Taschereau, A. LKher-Jones. E. Milic. T. Kanazawa, J. Harvey 

Fourth Row: J. Bernatchez, D. Cannon. C. Smith. S. Chavez. K. Constable. E.A. Downey, M. Tsatsoulis 

Fifth Row: F. Sarrasin, F. Moreno, M.A. Gonzalez. L. Clio. M. Sakai, D. Hanitijo, E. Olguin. H. Lee. S. O'Reilly 

Sixth Row: S. Bernard. K. Im. J.W. Cheon. S.J. Lee. B. O'Connor. G. Martinez, G. Ehrenwald. J.H. Lee, L. Roberge, M.P. Bertrand- 





From Left to Right: M Herring. A. Onabowale. H. C;ire\. M Brinckman- 
Snuth. S. Arsenault. E. Kruse 

From Left to Right: L. Durand, T. Hall. J.H. Kim. Mr. D. Maxwell 



From Left to Right: Mi 1) Liverpool, N. Bouchard, J I Park, Mr I) 

From Left to Right: k. Choi. M. Cluing, Ms. S. Ash. S.J. Lee, 
E. Olguin 


wriJ A 


Yearbook Committee 

After my second or third year of doing this gig. and after way too many hours in front of a computer 
screen. I came up with the brilliant idea that my last ever Yearbook would be without ...are you ready for 
this. ..ANY words! It was kind of a Berthold Brecht-y, Marshall McLuhan-y sort of thing. 

But no. I couldn't go through with it. if only for the fact that I couldn't have my final goodbye here. And 
I'm all about the attention-seeking. 

First off. some 'thank you's are in order. To Ms. Carey, a noble sidekick, who slowly became the hero of 
this operation. To the Committee, my silent, vicious gang of French mimes - they do as they're told, but 
trying to get them to talk is like trying to catch pandas mating. To Kathryne Owen, who's responsible tor 
the amazing cover and endsheet designs. Always great to have at least one artist on board. And finally to 
Julie, who's patience and support over the years have been awesome. 

So. after eight yearbooks I now pass on the gauntlet to others. I've gone through the paper layouts, the 
slow tech. the "digital cameras with a whopping 4 megapixels, the larger size and format, the full 'flatout' 
color pages, and the shiny new cover design (thanks Kat.) 

I've been through the dress down days and donut sales, lollipops for pictures, and a three-on-three 
basketball tournament (there's nothing a Yearbook geek likes better than competitive basketball... I guess...) 
There have been the fast years and the delayed ones. 

I've seen the serious lows, and then - when all is said and done - that moment when the books arrive, and 
everyone fights for a peek, and you become the most popular person on earth, and each student zips through 
it to see how many times they show up and the "oh my god I wore that" and the "hey I remember when that 
happened" and the "holy crap those two have totally broken up. they're gonna flip when they see that 

Then there are the sad moments, when you look through the pictures and words strewn through the 
pages, each steeped in memories and happier times, to reconnect with someone or something that was 
It was then that I realized how important of a book it really was. 

And that is what I lived for. as Supervisor to this phenomenon called Yearbook. 


Enjoy your year. Make it a challenge to show up in this book as often as possible. And. one last time 
it ... okay ... shimmy together ... closer ... alright ... three ... two ... one ... !flash! 

From Left to 

Mr. Max Crowther. 
Ingrid Louis. 
Ariane Ouellet, 
David Gelles, 
Stella Ndizeye. 
Tatyana Brin. 
Ms. Janice Carey 


Arturo Aboumrad 

Daniela Arevalo 
Martin del Campo 

Jose Carlos Aguirre Martha Mariana Aguirre Sang Hyeon (Alex) 
Cardoso Cardoso Ahn 

Antony Bernard Eloy Borgio Moran 

Nicolas Charlton Samantha Ewing 

Paloma Gonzalez 
de Cosio Romero 

Francis Gosselin Gabriel Guerra Meyer 

George Henderson Megan Herring 

Yu-Jin Kang 

Jae Keaun Kim 

Paulina Laborie 

Kevin Lai 

Olivier Le Guillou Young Gyo Lee 

Adrien Montoya 

Alexandre Nemet 


Akayla Onabowale Luis Andres Ortiz Van 


Andrew Park 

Tanguy Pasquier 

Savannah Ragueneau 

Hui-Tzu (Parry) Shih 

Megan Vivares 

Oscar Rodriguez 
Borsio Mateos 

Francois Roumel Manuel Ruiz-Herrera 

Pablo Simon 

Wei-Che Su 

Anna-Eve Turcotte 

^Jwytatj jcu-MC^i 

Adolfo Perez Borja 

Bernardo Sanchez 
Navarro Iturbe 

Jose Andres Vallejo 

Chun-On (Garv) Lam 


Romain Mathcvet 

Enzo Mignot 

Ryota Mukawa 

Jorge Antonio Adem 

David Aube 

Ana Cecilia Arboleya Luisa Arevalo Arroyo Sophie Arseneault- 

Versteeg Drapeau 

Patrick Beaudry Tadeus-Alexander Michael Bibeau Nicholas Bouchard 


Michael Le Rossimol Jordan Lefebvre Morgan Mackenzie Paige Martin 

Jaime Martin 

Jason Mastalir Claire Matheson Arnaud Mathieu Michon McDonald Iris Michel-Huard 

Marie Saskia 


Nicholas Olender Po-Jung (Vicky) Pao Jeong Joon Park 

Hyun Ji Park 

Vasken Redwanly Regina Ruiz Lopez Hotaru Sakama 

Han-Kyeol (Jennifer) Sarah-Maud Turcotte 


Brandon Wickens Naoki Yamamoto 

Yao-Chieh (Jason) 



I r I 







,.»»>.— *"• .- j. 



/ *. 



*W V; \ 

First Row: F. Gosselin, 
C. Dube, J. Andrews, 
J. P. Grimaldi, 
N. Charlton, T. Pasquier, 
Second Row: 
A. Montoya, 
C. Hopkins, 
G. Henderson, 
A. Bernard, J.S. Kim, 
O. Rodriguez, A. Perez, 
A. Ann, A. Arboumrad, 
K. McCormick 
Third Row: Mr. J. Bray, 
J. Kim, A. Nemet, 
A. Lee, N. Mignot, 
G. Guerra, F. Roumel, 
Mr. M. Vivares 

First Row: 

R. Mukawa, 

J. Bustamente, 

E. Borgio, X. Labourie, 

J. Truckle, A. Becker, 

H. Saurel 

Second Row: 

Mr. J. Bray, 

M.S. Hong, P. Allen, 

P. Tamborrel, 

M. Bibeau, R. Park, 

M. Ruiz, P. Beaudry, 

J.C. Aguirre 
















First Row: 

F. Belanger, M. Chung, 
B. Schutz, 
J. Bernatchez, S. Lee, 
F. Moreno, J.J. Park 

Second Row: 

Mr. D. Maxwell, K. Im, 

J.W. Cheon, 

G. Martinez, 

C. Van Lessen, 

V. Redwanly, T. Hall, 

A. Ewing, Mr. J. Fines 

26 h 

First Row: Y.J. Kang, P. 
Shih, M. Vivares, 
C. Forget, L. Illick 

Second Row: S. Ewing, 

M. Aguirre, 

A. Onabowale, 

S. Ragueneau, 

P. Gonzalez, D. Arevalo, 

P. Laborie, Ms. S. Ash 

First Row: 

M. Kupoluyi, 

C. Sinsky-DaPonte, 

H. Bishop, 

O. Lefebvre, Y. Piyale- 

Sheard, J. Forget, 

M. MacKenzie 

Second Row: 

Mr. M. St.Jacques, 
X.A. Gonzalez, 
J. Harding-Marlin, 
P. Faure, M. Materne, 
A.C. Arboleya, 
P. Martin, 
M. Rafalowski, 
J. Martin, G. Bertrand- 
Guillmette, T. Brin, Ms. 
L. Harding 

First Row: 

V. McNamara, 
S. O'Reilly, A. Ladak- 
Barber, H. Vivares, 
C. Coderre, M. Sakai, 
H. Lee, A. Ouellet 

Second Row: 

L. Arevalo, 
M.A. Gonzalez, 
R. Ruiz, S. Bernard, 
S. Mastalir, 
E.A. Downey, 
L. Logan-Chesney, 
S. Notman, L. Cho, 
Mr. D. Pfliger 

First Row: R. Choi, M. Teran, J.H. Kim, J. Zeller, S. Heyerhoff, P. N'djore-Acka, J. Cohen. M. Parisien-LaSalle, J. Davis 
Second Row: J.A. Vallejo, J. Lefebvre, M. Dao, F. Sarrasin, M. LeRossignol, A. Cunningham, D. Cannon, J. Choy 
Third Row: A. Gordon Ehrenwald, D. Jansen, R. Comeau, S. Duguay, M. Tsatsoulis, A. Meredith 
Fourth Row: Mr. S. Healey, Mr. C. Daigle, C. St.Marche, M. McDonald, Mr. A. MacDonald, Mr. M. Deschamps 

First Row: S. Duguay, J. Lefebvre, M. Teran, S. Ewing, A. Usher-Jones, MP. Bertrand-Guillemette, R. Comeau, 
J. Edgar, D. Stenason 

Second Row: F. Hashemi, J.A. Vallejo, S. Teed, O. LeGuillou, S. Mercier, B. Mailloux-Chagnon, A. Valle Meyer, 
X. Lessard 

Third Row: M. Reiner, A. Giguere, M. Forian, A.J. Fu 

Fourth Row: Mr. S. Healey. Mr. C. Daigle, Mr. M. Deschamps, Mr. A. MacDonald 

R. Mathevet, C. Huynh, 
F. Elliot, G. Hancock, 
N. Bouchard, 
F. Taschereau, B. Sanchez, 

E. Hallward, B. Harrington, 
L. Durand, M.S. 

I. Huard, S. Weinstein, 
S. Arsenault, I.C. Kwon, 
R. McLay, H.J. Jang, 
A. Gelinas-Roy, 
S.M. Turcotte, Mr. M. 
"Wrench" Crowther, 
J. Chen, L. Lu, J. Su, 

F. Mohammed, M. Amaya, 
A. Mohammed, W. Kao, 
V. Pao, A. Su, Ms. A. 
Barclay, J. Ferreiro, 

Mr. P. Kandalaft 

First Row: 

J.H. Lee, 
Maj. F. Tessier,K. Cho 

Second Row: 

Ms. N. Frizzle, 

T. Fitz-James, 

R. Rodriguez, 

Z. Kirkham, 

L. Roberge, 

A. Mathieu, C. Kouri, 

E. Milic, M. Wood, 

E. Mignot, 

A.S. Pfaendner 

First Row: M. Pasquier, 
A. Gelles, E. Forget, 

A. Kim, H. Carey, 
H. Sakama 
Second Row: 

S. Chavez, D. Hanitijo, 

S.J. Kim, J. Song, 

M. Herring, V. Harvey, 

C. Matheson 

Third Row: I. Louis, 

J. Hsueh, N. Bradley, 

P. Wang, G. Bieler, 

N. Rae, A. Ortiz 

Fourth Row: 

N. Morrow, 

N. Yamamoto, G. Lam, 

B. Wickens, 
Mr. D. Leger 




The Cross Country Running Award (for greatest contribution to the team): Eliane Forget 


The Adventure Training Award (as chosen by members of the AT crease): Kevin Cho 


The MIP Award: James Zeller 

The Cleghorn Cup (MVP): Philippe Herve N'djore-Acka 

The Rookie Award: Jonathan Davis 


The MIP Award: Sarrah Ewing 
The MVP Award: James Edgar 


The MIP Award: Akayla Onabowale 
The MVP Award: Megan Vivares 


The MIP Award: Kevin Lai 

The Farthing Cup (MVP): Oscar Rodriguez Borgio Mateos & Jae Keaun Kim 


Team Awards: ETIAC 2nd place league finish 
The MIP Awards: Jorge Antonio Adem Bustamente 
The MVP Award: Pablo Simon Tamborrel 


The MIP Award: Pauline Faure 
The MVP Award: Jennifer Harding 


Team Awards: Finalists Stanstead College Tournament 

Finalists Gait Tournament 

ETIAC Playoff Finalists 

The Fulford Cup (MIPl: Luisa Arevalo Arroyo 

The Stuart Bateman Award (MVP): Emilie-Ann Downey & Claudia Coderre 


The MIP Award: Seung Jin Lee 

The Stearns Cup (MVP): Samuel MaeCormick 


The Coaches' Award: Loic Durand 
The Spirit Award: Sadie Weinstein 

WM * - 

new this year - 
a chance to get 
to know each 
other, build on 
House spirit, 
and enjoy one 
of the warmer 

Fall days 

we've seen in 

a while... 


New Student 
Cadet Camp 



38 t 

Cross Country Run 

h 39 





Andrew Ewing, our famous Head of house, his little puppy dog David Gelles, as well Aidan Bourke, the 
Prefect, interviewed kids about what McNaughton was all about. Here is what they had to say: 

Arturo: I like a' have a' no neck. 

Karim:I like a bird seed and a MATH. 

Alex Becker: I like a BUFU. Vurry Gangsta! 

Mike Bibeau: I like a "go to jail!" 

Kevin Cho: I like a "very nice, how bout chu?" 

Ricky Choi: I like a eat books! Very cheep. 

Jae Hong Chung:I like a big pie. Verry nice! 

Jon Davis: I like a win! 

Fraser: I like a play Demon Hunter, me very big hulk. 

AJ Fu: I like a big spagetti. Chenkwee! 

David Gelles: I like a you, I like a' big piece of wood? 

Evan Hallward: I like a sharpen pencils, yekshemesh! 

Chris Huynh: I like a very big grunt! 

Kent Huynh: I like a nip and a tuck! ! 

Jung Hoon: I like a make a fun at cheap persons! 

Xavier: I like a make a big Shake'a'shaft! 

Mike Le Rossingnol: I like a hunt a big whale. Verrry Haard! 

Jeong Hyun Lee: I like A Jung Hoon Even More! 

Christoph Maccow: I like a "YOOOO DAMN, it's a PSP!" 

Robert McBride: I like chocolate hot!!! 

Michon: I like a speed walk, verrry sloww! 

Enzo Mignot: I like a sled on a dog! 

Nicolai Mignot: I like a mah brother! 

Eric: I like a problems! Very Emo! 

Fernando: I like a big Gelles!! 

Nick Olender: I like a "CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! Vurry Tropical!" 

Adolfo Perez: I like a 50cm! Very Porpoise! 

Ben Schutz: I like a 'hip thrust!". 

James Truckle: I like a snowflakes! 

Mike Tsatsoulis: I like a make a Scotland trip! 

Andres Vallejo: I like a big reflection. Like my brotha Bilo! 

Boomer: I like a G Unit! Very Crisp! 

Aidan Bourke: I like a Prefects and ondaatje.... 

Andrew Ewing: I like a big ear bandage! Puppy dog too! 

Mr. Allan: I like a pizza party! House Captain too! 

Mr. Leger: I like to lose to a little boy in Madden! 

Mr Healey: Hey Christian! You see my book of owns? 

Mr. Fines: I like a 'nez Crochu les gars! 

I hope this was a great year for all 
Your neighborhood super heroes, Andy and Aidan 

42 e 

V • v2 

First Row: Mr. N. Allan (Houseparent), F. Moreno, A. Aboumrad, J. Truckle, A. Perez, 

M. LeRossingnol, A. Valle Meyer, F. Elliot, K. Huynh 

Second Row: K. Cho, E. Mignot, M. Tsatsoulis, T. Hall, A. Becker, M. J. Fines 

Third Row: R. Choi, J.H. Chung, C. Maccow, B. Schutz, J. Davis, M. McDonald 

Fourth Row: D. Gelles, A.J. Fu, C. Huynh, X. Labourie, K. al Haffar, M. Bibeau. N. Olender, 

R. McBride, J.H. Lee 

Fifth Row: Mr. S. Healey, E. Milic, A. Ewing, N. Mignot, J.H. Kim, J. Zeller, E. Hallward. 

A. Bourke, J. A. Vallejo 


So what's it like to be a Glass girl? It's a question many all over campus and beyond have contemplated 
and fantasized. It is a question no one can know the answer to unless they are a Glass girl. 

Being a Glass girl means more than living under the same roof with 34 other girls, and six amazing staff 
members. It means more than not having to walk outside in the winter, or winning carnival. It means more 
than unbeatable house spirit or the smell of Korean noodles. Being a Glass girl means being a part of a 
unique family that can not be duplicated anywhere else in the world. 

Being a Glass girl means something different to everybody: To Hye-Joo, being a Glass girl means eating 
the best birthday cakes on campus. To Alexa, being a Glass girl means living in an indoor tennis court. To 
Ana, being a Glass girl means not being afraid to be herself. 

To Farah, being a Glass girl means having to find her way through the obstacle course of couples on the 
stairs. To Pauline, being a Glass girl means being surrounded by girls that illuminate her days. To Hotaru, 
being a Glass girl means being able to be a real woman. To Elinor, being a Glass girl is knowing how to 
swear in every single language. To Vicky, being a glass girl means living in another home. 

To Sarah B, being a Glass girl means running naked in the hallways if you feel like it. To Sam, being a 
Glass girl means having to check in every visitor so that they don't get kicked out for a week. To Regina, 
being a Glass girl means being One with every one. To Mel, being a Glass girl means playing late night 
card games and eating KD with friends. 

To Mayowa, being a Glass girl means ordering countless amounts of chicken wings on the weekends. To 
Megumi, being a Glass girl means being a part of one awesome family. To Rebecca, being a Glass girl 
means sneaking into the kitchen to make soup late at night. To Hayley, being a Glass girl is like being 
surrounded by angels. 

To Sofia (Olga) being a Glass girl means countless nights of movies one after the other even if they've 
been watched thousands of times. To Yvonne, being a Glass girl means six years of adventure in the 

To Danyin, being a Glass girl means living in a second home with amazing girls who help and support 
each other. To Justine, being a Glass girl means she can yell or sing as loud as she wants (although we 
may not all agree.) 

To Wendy, being a Glass girl means laughing with amazing girls and her second mommy. To Amanda, 
being a Glass girl means every day is one big sleep-over party. To Jasmine, being a Glass girl means 
having 34 awesome sisters. To Luisa, being a Glass girl means living in a place where people will kindly 
beat her up, even when she has a broken arm. 

To Sarrah E, being a Glass girl means electrifying water fights in the bathroom after lights out. To 
Asrah, being a Glass girl means being a part of a house of the funniest, sweetest, and most insane girls she 
has ever had the good luck to meet. 

To Ann Sophie, being a Glass girl means living alongside tropical plants from different countries which 
are all unique in their way. To Claire, being a Glass girl means being in a place where being weird is 
normal (most of the time.) To Alex, being a Glass girl means living in the best couples house. 

To Lydia, being a Glass girl means living in the most comfortable place. To Maria-Andrea, being a 
Glass girl means having Mexican parties even though she is far from home. To Morgan, being a Glass girl I 
means always feeling welcome. 

To Min Ah, being a Glass girl is like living in a mini world, where everything happens, but only good 
memories are left. To Misha, being a Glass girl means having the craziest times. 

To Ally, being a Glass girl means not getting to thank Julie and Kat enough for showing her all the open 
windows on days when the doors seem to have shut. 


First Row: L. Cho, Y. Hsu. M. Sakai, J. Onabowale, A. Gelles, A. Gelinas-Roy, J. Forget 

Second Row: W. Kao. A. Henderson, V. Pao, M.A. Lee, H. Sakama, M. Rafalowski, M. 

Kupoluyi, H.J. Jang, A. Mohammed, F. Mohammed, M. MacKenzie 

Third Row: Ms. K. Trichas, D. Hanitijo, S. Chavez, A.C. Arboleya, C. Matheson, S. Ewing, 

A. Lillis, P. Faure, S. Notman, H. Bishop, R. Garner, Ms. J. Lowry (Houseparent) 

Fourth Row: Ms. N. Khelil, R. Ruiz, A. Atomate, S. Bernard, A.S. Pfaendner, M.A. Gonzalez, 

Ms. N. Frizzle, Ms. L. Harding, E. Kruse 

Qrier North 

u *-£. 

* M 

Hugo: *#$*$% It's freezing! Yo Manuel, go get some Axe. 

Mario: 1 bet all my ripped boxers are good kindling for my Axe-fires. 

Loic: I'll be working in my room, or I'll be cuddling in Gillard. Either way, don't disturb. 
David: Breakfast Club. Platinum Member since 09-06. 

Vasken: Sparta is going to WAR! ! !!!!!!!!! 
Jasper: Don't worry guys. I'm on my way! 

Min-Sung: Yo. could you wake me up at 3:30AM? Ive got to do my hair. 

James: Never trust a little Frenchman when he's got an Axe-bottle and a lighter. Or Brits, for that matter. 

Andres: Call me Little Prince. 

Manuel: My alarm clock runs on universal time. It's your watch that doesn't work, Sir. 

Julian: I'll pay double the price for the last Kit-Kat. 
Tom: My name is Tom Weeeeeeng. 

Jen-Kwei: Loic. I need help. What's 'tan-1 60o' ? 
Sam: Yo where the boys at TSUUUUP 

C-Bass: Guys keep it down; Sam's trying to sleep 
Sebastian: Fous ta cagoule. 

Phil: Hi, I'd like to order, please. 
Fares: Guys it was not me, I sweeeaaaar 

Jon: I really like this place, but only after 2:00AM. Something about the lighting. 
Naoki: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

Chance: I'm opening tuck You've got cash? 
Jorge: I have so muuuch homework 

Joon-Jeong: Go Gwia Nowfh. 

Jared: You are sooooooooooo restricted. 

Chris: Flipping guests in the middle of the night. Well, 25 hours for you! 

Mr. MacDonald: Give me 20. 

Mr. Wilt: Come on girls! Its 7:30, put on your pyjamas and get ready for bed. 

Mr. D: Gee, I'm really going to miss you guys... 

46 1 

Qrier South 

Once upon a time there was a quiet little house nestled in the woods at Bishop's College School... 
There lived in this house a child named Jose Carlos. 
He was a curious kid. 

He even went on discovering first hand that cold metal and a tongue don't go well together... 
Because he was so curious, he decided to travel around campus a lot, to look for more knowledge. 
While he was walking, he saw a blond boy who was playing squash, named Geordie. 
Beside Geordie, Jose-Carlos, saw Francis. 

For the first time in his life. Francis was not with Antony, so Jose asked him where Antony was. 
Francis said, laughing (almost as loud as Nic Charlton's laugh): "They are locked up in the bathroom!" 

Geordie, Jose-Carlos and Francis then ran up the hill outside Greir South to ask for someone's help 
rescuing Antony and Louie from the bathroom when they saw a Mexican gang. 

Pablo, Oscar, Olivier. Juan Pablo and Gabriel were the gang. 

Pablo and Gabriel, both with huge hearts and the best intentions, wanted to help, but unfortunately, both 
had leg injuries that prevented them from running fast enough back to the bathroom before everyone else. 

Olivier didn't have enough time to ask all one hundred of his questions to help... "What! They are in the 
bathroom? How did they get there? How will they get out? Will they miss chapel?" 

Oscar took this opportunity to go to his room and get ready for the day in private. 

Juan Pablo smiled a big smile, and went on his way! 

While the boys in the bathroom suffered from lack of ventilation they were secretly hoping this Grier 
South Spa day would continue at least into first period. 

They were lucky enough Bob was there. 

He was able to smuggle a few treats under the door so they wouldn't starve. 

Louie had, at one point, actually tried to make hot noodles from the tap water. 

48 o 


First Row: D. Lherisson, A. Ahn, A. Bernard, N. Charlton, O. Rodriguez, F. Hashemi, 

G. Henderson, M. Reiner, K. Lai. J.P. Grimaldi 

Second Row: F. Gosselin, G. Guerra, O. LeGuillou, A. Lee, G. Hancock, M. Forian, J. Su, 

F. Roumel, A. Montoya, Ms. M. Schafer {Houseparent) 

Third Row: Mr. M. Deschamps, A. Nemet, J.K. Kim, P. Tamborrel, J.C. Aguirre, L. Lu, J.S. Kim 


Wouldn't it be funny if Chapman was put under a spell by Martians and every room pair combined into 

one person 

50 v 

Chris Bernatchez would join an unsuccessful band because his loud voice would overpower his drums. 

Allen Roberge would somehow manage to maintain a 90 average while never making the effort list and 
having weekend prep every weekend. 

Unseop Belanger would miss the final world cup match because he had to take a family photo. 

Guillaume Choe would act like the normal Guillaume but walk more like a penguin. 

Ryan Kaufman would be the only person in intramurals to have nicer gear than the first team players. 

Dave Mastalir would be the first person to have a smoke under water, man. 

Simon Hseuh would sneak his way into the NHL. 

Mr. and Mrs. D. would remain in a constant state of sleep RIGHT beneath us. 

With the house being reduced to only having 8 people in it. the Martians were able to spend the rest of the 
year with us. 

Upon their return to their homeland (Mars) the only English words they were able to retain were: 

"dude she's hot" 

"don't worry about it man" 

"hey- ho guys" 


"horhhhhh what are you talking about?" 

"stupid carcurus" 


First Row: Mr. D. Dandurand (Houseparent), D. Aube, J. Hsueh, R. Rodriguez. J. Edgar, C. Teed 

Second Row: S. Teed, M. Chung, G. Bieler, Mr. R. Jackson 

Third Row: F. Belanger, J. Mastalir. J. Bernatchez, J. Kaufman. L. Roberge, W. Choe. Mr. D. 



Ross Boys 



>i '-• 

52 e 

A day in the life of Ross House, according to Charles, David, Forrest, and Nico: 

7:30: Arnaud arrives bright and early, reminiscing on the Ross boys' glorious past, as he writes "anarchy" 
all over the prefect room. 

7:45: Charles K. arrives early too, waiting for Heather to entertain him in the prefect room. 

8:00: Monty enters Ross, ready to hang out with some cute little Ross girl-friendsss 

8:19: Forrest walks into the Student Center with a cup of Tim Hortons Coffee ( 1 cream, no sugar), rushing 
to finish it before the Chapel bell rings. 

8:30: Jordan runs into Chapel, disturbing the ornate traditional ceremony. "Sorry guys, the roads were 


8:50: James gets ready for class, after spending the whole Chapel hiding in Ross House. 

9:30: David spends the entire math class introducing Pascal Raphael Tremblay (his plastic dinosaur 
puppet) to Mrs. Harding. She seems amused. 

10:35: Brandon W. spends his break with Mayowa . still desperately attempting to prove to her that he has 
nothing to do with Ross House. 

1 1:00: Patrick gets scolded in music class after Mr. Jackson catches him ranting to Ryan about how 
terrible the school is. Ryan says nothing. 

12:35-1:25: Nick Bouchard, Felix, Nick Bradley, and Nathaniel spend the lunch hour fasting while they 
gaze intently into their computer screens. 

3:10: As the school bell rings, signalling the end of classes, Xavier suddenly realises that he forgot today 
WAS a dress down day. Antoine mocks him, attempting to impersonate his older brother, Shawn. 

3:30: Dominique gets geared up for hockey, ready to impress the ladies. 

4:30: Brandon M. hangs around the student center looking pretty chill, as he waits for his parents to pick 
him up, trying to ignore Charles D. who is complaining to Mr. Allen about the broken pool table. 

5:30: Kieran and Chris hang out in the school library, proud to be new students at this school. 

7:15: Tanguy sits in the Student Center waiting for his older school brother to fulfill his promise of 
finishing the movie Eragon with him. 

First Row: K. McCormick, C. Hopkins, M. Brinckman-Smith, C.A. Dube, J. Andrews, 

B. Mailloux-Chagnon, S. Mercier, X. Lessard 

Second Row: T. Pasquier, F. Taschereau. N. Rae, N. Bradley. A. Giguere, Mr. M. Madsen ( 


Third Row: D. Cannon, P. Allen, R. Comeau, A. Mathieu, F. Sarrasin 

Fourth Row: Mr. D. Dutton {Houseparent), D. Jansen, J. Lefebvre, C. Kouri, B. Wickens 

Ross Girls 




It is a typical Wednesday afternoon and everyone has just removed their uniform and is getting ready for 
the afternoon. 

Chrissa's laugh resonates throughout the Student Center as Hannah and Megan H. skip off to riding crease, 
giggling about the science test that they forgot, but aced anyway. 

Where's Anna-Eve? She's with Arnaud. No? Check out the pool or the library for this all round 

Megan V. bounces along, singing angelically, but watch out; she can take on all the South House Boys! 

Marie-Lou, our new snowboarding prodigy, runs by. "See you at the 2014 Olympics honey!" 

Courageous Brittany is in South Africa, finding adventures to tell Odre, the all star hockey champ, 
strutting her stuff with her hot pink hockey gloves. 

Jennifer Harding, perhaps the only person at BCS who has swam more than walked in their lifetime, 
rushes off to the weight room for yet another work out. 

Sarah-Maud, the fun, flirty poulette attempts to hide from a throng of pursuers behind a pillar in the 
Student Center where Yasemin Arrrrrr! is taking pictures of everyone for Facebook. 

Anne and Keira future actresses/singers/models skip down the Chapman path, dressed to impress. Watch 
out Hollywood! Chrissa is still laughing. 

In the art room Carley Tm-a-long-necked-dinosaur' is creating another masterpiece while Heather is 
snuggled in the Prefect room with Charles watching his laptop. 

Suddenly, the blond mermaids Laura and Emilie-Ann burst into giggles just thinking about the Tall Ships 
Trip in the Caribbean. 

Outside Sophie and Aisha, our all-out athletic Queens, prep the rugby team for the upcoming game after 
their successful soccer and basketball seasons. 

Crossing the bridge from Champlain is Vero (aka Big Mac) to see the guys and watch their games. 

Flash-Ari, on a sugar high, sprints past everyone, practicing for the next running competition! 

If you are ever looking for Julie, she is protecting herself with her cast that she got from skiing into a free. 

Jennifer Harvey, our divine Cleopatra, is putting up "Save the Trees" posters all over school (printed on 
100% post-consumer recycled paper naturellement!) 

Chrissa, our beloved sweetheart, is still laughing, her charm bringing smiles to everyone around her. 


Finally, Mrs. Holland, our House Mother Earth closes the door to her office and goes out to watch our 

rugby game in the paling light. 

First Row: Ms. A. Holland (Houseparent), M. Vivares, S. O'Reilly, V. McNamara, A. Ouellet, 

S.M. Turcotte, H. Vivares 

Second Row: H. Carey, Y. Piyale-Sheard, M. Herring, O. Lefebvre, B. Dupuis, A.E. Turcotte, 

C. Houle-Laberee 

Third Row: C. Smith, J. Harding-Marlin, A. Taschereau, L. Logan-Chesney, A. Ladak-Barber, 

K. Constable, M. Pasquier, J. Harvey, E.A. Downey, J. Luc-Turgeon 



Andrea: most likely to be bouncing off the walls from a sugar overdose. 

Vashti: most likely to be on the phone with John and emailing Brody, while Christoph is waiting 


Tatyana: most likely to open a restaurant across from BCS called "Je Deteste Dininghall". 

Amy: most likely to own everything fuzzy and warm. 

Gabi: most likely to invent her own Disney movie. 

Stella: most likely to eat a whole pack of Oreos, because she is an Oreo. 

Catherine: most likely to eat all the mini chocolate bars in the world. 

Maxine: most likely to correct everyone- including the queen if she had the chance, whilst eating popcorn. 

Jaime: most likely get divorced and then remarry the same guy. 

MS: most likely to be fat. ..not! 

Hyun Ji. aka Janice: most likely to build a computer into her head. 

Iris: most likely to ask you to do her homework. 

Ingrid: most likely to appear on Nanny 91 1- as the nanny. 

Elean: most likely to bike around the world. 

Paige: most likely to be in the next painful High School Musical. 

Jennifer: most likely to trek through the snow in two inch heels. 

Charlotte: most likely to open her own chocolate factory. 

Julia: most likely to want to have leopard children. 

Sophie: most likely to know every theme song of every TV show. 

Mariana: most likely to buy products with her boyfriends' names on them. 

MP: most likely to save the whale sharks from extinction. 

Tomomi: most likely to make a bubble to keep herself warm during the winter. 

Ali: most likely to join a Caucasian rap group and get kicked out. 

Agatha: most likely to amaze the world with her art and violin skills. 

Eliane: most likely to eat four huge bowls of microwaved blueberries. 

Heidi: most likely to be the next Einstein. 

Thea: most likely to get arthritis in her hands, due to all the crazy hand movements. 

Claudia: most likely to sing till her voice gets hoarse. 

Chrystal: most likely to make Sadie die from laughter. 

Jenny: most likely to never sleep and become legally insane. 

Sadie: most likely to marry Zoe' under a hoopa. 

Sarah: most likely to become a dolphin and teach children her ways. 

Zoe: most likely to wear the pants and the keepa under the hoopa 

Mrs. Goldfinch: most likely murder the person who invented Gummy Bears. 

Mrs. McGurk: most likely to give you ice. 

Mrs. Carey: most likely to paste Shakespeare quotes all over town. 

Gab: most likely to wear the world's highest platform shoes. 

Nat: most likely to have the world record for lie detecting. 


First Row: Ms. E. Goldfinch, E. Forget, X.A. Gonzalez, S. Ndizeye, V. Harvey, T. Brin, 
G. Bertrand-Guillemette, A. Kim, Z. Kirkham, P. Martin, S. Weinstein 

Second Row: Ms. J. Carey, M.S. Monsaingeon, E. Olguin, L. Arevalo, T. Kanazawa, S. Mastilir, 
M. Amaya, C. Schmidt, T. Fitz- James 

Third Row: Ms. G. McGurk, C. Sinsky-DaPonte. H. Lee, H.J. Park, J. Song, M.P. Bertrand- 
Guillemette, A. Su, J. Ferreiro, C. Haynes, I. Huard 
Fourth Row: C. Coderre, M. Materne, I. Louis, A. Usher- Jones, J. Martin, J. Song 


58 o 

The first thing you'll see when the tour of Smith House begins is II Chang skipping mindlessly in the 

You can hear music pouring out of Patrick and Gordon's room as they practice their violin and guitar for 
the next Pub Night. 

Across the hall, you can find Jeff quietly playing NBA Live on his computer, while soccer balls and tennis 
balls shoot out of Eloy's room as he and Bernardo are working endlessly on their skills. 

Andrew is also practicing, but it is for his long chapel announcements. 

Jason is learning how to play his fourteenth instrument and Aaron learns that throwing a snowball at Mr. 
Madsen is a terrible idea, as he is receiving a huge, colossal wedgie from him. 

And of course, you can hear Mexican music blasting from G and Miguel's room. G is practicing his salsa 
moves while protecting the shelves and Miguel is trying to come up with another way to be romantic for 
his girlfriend. 

Last, but not least on the bottom floor, there is Peter, Jae Won and Neil's room. Jae Won is memorizing 
SAT words, while writing apologizes to Stanstead after destroying their basketball court. Peter fell asleep 
after watching his fifth movie of the day and Neil is going around the house serving an 'own' fest. 

Moving to the second floor, you can hear loud screams from Brody as Kevin delivers another furious tiger 
kick to Brody's broken leg. Brody hobbles out of his room with his special crutches, after trying to own 

Meanwhile, Corny is off saving more dogs in the wilderness. While Squeak is nowhere to be found, 
having been at Glass for the past three days. 

Down the corridor, you can here Brian and Romain arguing as to who won their last Counter Strike battle, 
while Gary is getting his robot on. 

Ryder meanwhile is training for his Gun Show and in all of the commotion, you can hardly see Ryota the 
sneaky-sneaky as he sneaks around the house. 

■ ft 
Max is working on his text messaging skills, while cuddling up with two hairy Mexicans in his bed. 


Next to them, King Seung has called a Korean poker tournament, where he is somehow always the winner. 

Matt, Smith House BU, is being admired in the common room by all the girls on campus and Mr. 
Crowther is busy cleaning the Carnival flag, after a century of waiting. 

Mr. Kelso is busy dusting the Senior Boys Cross Country flag and shield. As all of this is going on, Mr. 
Liverpool waits patiently for his shirtless prey to come around the corner so he can Five Star them on the 

When it is all said and done, the Smith Boys always unite, and are prepared for glory!! 

First Row: Mr. M. Crowther, A. Park, E. Borgio, S.J. Lee, B. Harrington, R. Mukawa, B. 

Sanchez, A. Bullard 

Second Row: C. Van Lessen, A. Cunningham, R. Mathevet, J. Yin, J. Chen, G. Lam 

Third Row: Mr. M. Apedaile, I.C. Kwon, P. Beaudry, B. O'Connor 

Fourth Row: J.W. Cheon, Mr. S. Kelso {Houseparent), G. Martinez, M. Parisien-LaSalle, 

M. Teran, R. Park, G. Ehrenwald, K. Im, N. Morrow, Mr. M. Madsen 


First Row: L. Mick, C. Forget, P. Shih, E.J. Kang, A. Onabowale, S. Ragueneau 

Second Row: S. Ewing, P. Gonzalez, M. Aguirre, D. Arevalo, P. Laborie 

Third Row: Ms. D-L. Shepherd, Ms. K. Rae, Ms. S. Ash, Rev. P. Lisson (Houseparent) 

PREFECTS 2006-2007 

From Left to Right: 

Eric Milic, James 

"Boomer" Zeller, Jenny 
Song, Ryan Rodriguez, 
Ally Henderson, 
Mel Wood (Head Prefect), 
Aidan Bourke, Michael 


^^^^^ ^1 

Chung, Charles Kouri 






' '/i 









First Row: L. Cho, 
M. Materne, 
F. Mohammed 

Second Row: 

Ms. R. Mesnil, Y. Hsu 
V. Pao, J. Chen, A. Su 
W. Choe, J. Song 

First Row: F. Elliot, 

S. Mercier, R. Choi, 

A. Taschereau 

Second Row: J. Harvey, 

Mr. D. Dandurand, 

C. St. Marche, M. Chung, 

K. Constable 

From Left to Right: 

A. Nemet, N. Bradley, T. 
Ms. N. Frizzle, 
H. Vivares, C. Kouri, 
Mr. D. Dutton 


First Row: 

M. McDonald, 
H. Sakama, 
J.P. Grimaldi, O. 
Rodriguez, H.J. Jang, 
M. Rafalowski, 
A.S. Pfaendner, 
A. Mohammed 

Second Row: 

Mr. C. Daigle, G. Lam, 
K. Huynh, J.H. Lee, 
J.H. Kim, F. al Haffar. 
M. Dao, Mr. D. Maxwell 

First Row: S. Lee, 
J.H. Chung, 
O. Le Guillou 

Second Row: J. Song, 
A. Gelles, S. Chavez, 
N. Mignot, T. Brin, 
I. Huard 

Third Row: 

Mr. C. Daigle, 

A. Becker, J.J. Park, 

Mr. D. Maxwell 

First Row: 

F. Taschereau, 

J. Forget, J. Edgar, 

J.C. Aguirre, 

J. Bustamente, A. Kim, 


Second Row: 

Mr. C. Daigle, 

F. Hashemi, G. Guerra, 

J. Ferreiro, M. Materne, 

C. Van Lessen, 

Mr. D. Maxwell 

t 65 

First Row: D. Lherisson, 

K. Lai, M. Brinckman- 

Smith, F. Roumel 

Second Row: 

G. Hancock, X. Lessard, 

N. Charlton, 

K. McCormick 

Third Row: A. Montoya, 

Mr. M. Deschamps, 
J.S. Kim, J.K. Kim 

First Row: J. Su, 

J. O'Keefe, 

N. Bouchard, P. Wang 

C. Huynh, L. Lu 

Second Row: 

Ms. E. Savage. 

J. Hsueh, A. Bullard, 

E. Hallward, 

M.S. Hong, 

X. Labourie, A.J. Fu, 

Mr. J. Godin 









Second Row: 

B. Wickens, P. N'djore- 
Acka, S. Heyerhoff, 
J.W. Cheon, K. Im 

66 a 

First Row: 

A. Onabowale, L. Illick, 
Y.J. Kang, C. Forget, 
P. Shih 

Second Row: 

M. Herring, 

S. Ragueneau, S. Ewing, 
H. Carey, P. Gonzalez, 
P. Laborie 







76\ Q 







First Row: S. Ndizeye, 
M. Vivares, 
M. Kupoluyi, 
S.M. Turcotte 

Second Row: 

Mr. B. Rourke, 

S. Arsenault, 

M.S. Monsaingeon, 

J. Harding-Marlin, 

Y. Piyale-Sheard, 

C. Houle-Laberee, 

V. Harvey 

First Row: W. Kao 

Second Row: 

S. Ewing, 

E.A. Downey, C. Smith 

Third Row: 

Mr. D. Liverpool, 
M. Sakai, S. O'Reilly, 
A. Ladak-Barber, 
A. Ouellet, P. Faure, 
Ms. K. Trichas 


First Row: 

M.A. Gonzalez, 

C. Coderre, E. Kruse, 

J. Onabowale, 

S. Weinstein, A. Lillis, 

A. Usher-Jones, J. Martin 

Second Row: 

Mr. J. Bray, O. Lefebvre, 

H. Bishop, M. Pasquier, 

C. Haynes, E. Olguin, 

L. Cho, S. Bernard, 

X.A. Gonzalez 

First Row: 

J. Kaufman, 

C. Coderre. M. Bibeau, 

T. Hall, D. Stenason 

Second Row: 

M. Wood. 

Mr. M. Madsen, 

M. LeRossignol, 

Mr. J. DeBoer, R. Park, 

J. Bernatchez, S. Teed, 

J. Lefebvre, 

F. Belanger, N. Rae, 

P. Beaudry, 

M. Tsatsoulis, 

Mr. A. MacDonald 

First Row: N. Morrow, 1 
S. McCormick, 
M. Parisien-LaSalle, 
M. Chung, F. Belanger, | 
J. Zeller 

Second Row: M. Wood, 

Mr. M. Madsen, 

A. Cunningham, 

S. Teed, D. Cannon, 

C. Teed, A. Ewing, 

D. Jansen, T. Hall, 

A. Bourke, J. Kaufman, 

A. Meredith. 

J. Lefebvre, 

Mr. J. DeBoer, 

Mr. A. MacDonald 

6X e 



The MIP Award: Adrien Montoya 
The MVP Award: Jae Keaun Kim 


The MIP Award: Evan Hallward 
The MVP Award: Xavier Labouerie 


Team Awards: ETIAC League 2nd Place Finish 

Anderson Tournament Finalists 

The MIP Award: Jason Yin 

The MVP Award (Coaches Award): Sebastian Heyerhoff 


The MIP Award : Paulina Laborie Montiel 

The MVP Award: Paloma Gonzalez de Cosio & Hannah Carey 


The MIP Award : Stella Ndizee- 
The MVP Award: Jennifer Harding 


Team Awards: Stanstead College Invitational Tournament 2nd Place 


Bailly Small Schools Provincial Tournament Champions 

ETIAC League Champions 

ETIAC Playoffs Champions 

McLeod Tournament 2nd Place Finish 

The MIP Award: Sarrah Ewing 

The Keyzer Shield (MVP): Emilie-Ann Downey 

GTA (Goodmond Timing Association) 

The Exceptional Service Award: Presented to: Yvonne Hsu 

IHA (Intramural Hockey Association) 

The MIP Award: Jose Carlos Aguirre 

The Commissioners Award: Jung Hoon Kim & Jae Hong 



The MIP Award: Bernardo Sanchez Navarro 
The MVP Award: Antony Bernard 


The Rookie Award: Alex Cunningham 

The MIP Award: Allen Meredith 

The Gerald Wiggett Award (MVP) Samuel MacCormick 

& Chris Teed 


The Coachs Award: Fraser Elliott 


Team Awards: BCS Invitational Tourn 2nd Place Finish 
The MIP Award : Sarah Bernard & Sadie Weinstein 
The MVP Award: Claudia Coderrc 


The MIP Award: Patrick Beaudry 

The J. Graham Patriquin Award (MVP): Simon Teed 


Team Awards: ETIAC League 2nd Place Finish 

The Perrier Cup (MIP) : Hyun Ji Park & En/.o Mignol 

The MVP Award: Laura Logan-Chesney & Jason Mastulir 


The Whittall Cup Senior (best all-around senior skier): Logan Rober n e 
The Whittall Cup Junior (best all-around junior skier): Claire Matheson 
The Coaches Award Snowboarding: James Truckle 






i 73 

Twelve Nnam Men 

Cast av\d Crew 

First Row: 

1 lefebwe, A, Wsfier- 


R, Gamer, 

A, Henderson, 

K, Constable 

Second Row: 

Mr, D, Rae (Director), 

A, Tasc^ereaw, 

C, Kowri, T, Fitz-James, 

B. Wic^ens, F, 5arras\v\, 

Ft, Vivares, P, Fawre, 

Ms, D-L, 5fiepfierd, 

M, Kwpolwiyji, 

R, Rodrigwez, M, Wood 

Winter Dance 

5 Christmas Concert 



for Sailors 


GO! pl?hr % 




Proposed as part of 
"Hockey Day In Canada ", 
(although the date had to 
be rescheduled) James 
Zeller set up the twelve 
consecutive hour hockey- 
playing fundraiser. The 
funds were donated to 
local Food Banks. 

Many of the players 
stayed on the ice for the 
whole day. 

q 79 







80 u 

hW' n 

Carnival Committee 2007 

First Row: M. Bibeau, 

T. Hall, J. Kaufman, 

S.M. Turcotte, 

M. Kupoluyi 

Second Row: 

V. Redwanly, 

C. Matheson, P. Martin, 

H. Sakama, 

M. MacKenzie, 

R. Ruiz (Head of Carnival) 


V- I 

a 81 

Rodger Barton, actor 

Guests To The School 

Hockey Great, Paul Henderson Alyin Powell, Motivational Speaker 

Black Theatre Workshop 

First Row: A. Aboumrad, 
A. Perez, A. Rozon, 
M. Reiner, O. Rodriguez, 
F. Gosselin, A. Bernard 

Second Row: Mr. D. 

Cannon, A. Montoya, 

J.K. Kim, F. Hashemi, 

L. Lu, J.P. Grimaldi, 

J. Andrews, A. Giguere, 

Mr. M. Tsatsoulis 

Third Row: A. Lee, 

X. Lessard, B. Mailloux- 

Chagnon, G. Hancock, 

A. Park, M. Forian, 

Mr. A. MacDonald 

First Row: A. Valle 

Meyer, M.S. Hong. 

H. Saurel. J. Bustamente, 

D. Stenason, E. Mignot, 
R. Mukowa, B. Sanchez, 
N. Bradley, J. Edgar, 

S. Duguay 

Second Row: 

Mr. D. Leger, A. Bullard, 

O. Le Guillou, 

J.C. Aguirre, 

X. Labourie, M. Ruiz, 

J. Lefebvre, G. Lam, 

R. Park, R. Comeau, 

E. Hall ward, 
P. Tamborrel, 
J.A. Vellejo 














First Row: Mr. D. 

Fraser, C. Huynh, 

A. Bourke, M. Bibeau, 

J.H. Kim, J.H. Chung, 

S. Lee, M. Teran, 

V. Redwanly, 

A. Meredith, F. Belanger 

Second Row: 

G. Martinez, 

G. Ehrenwald, 

C. Van Lessen, M. Dao, 

P. N'djore-Acka, 

A. Ewing, C. Heyerhoff, 

M. Parisien-LaSalle, 

D. Gelles, J.J. Park, 

R. McBride, 

Mr. D. Dutton 

84 1 

First Row: Ms. A. Holland, M. Wood, M.S. Monsaingeon, J. Martin, X.A. Gonzalez, C. Houle-Laberee, H. Bishop, 

H. Vivares, M. Sakai, L. Logan-Chesney, H. Sakama, A. Ladak-Barber, T. Fitz-James, C. Haynes 

Second Row: Mr. D. Liverpool, J. Song, A. Henderson, P. Martin, S. Ewing, G. Bertrand-Guillemette, S. Mastalir, 

S. Ewing, R. Ruiz, M. Aguirre, L. Arevalo, C. Sinsky-DaPonte, C. Schmidt, Ms. T. Crook. K. Healey 

Third Row: I. Huard, D. Van Prooyen, S. Chavez, M.P. Bertrand-Guillemette, P. Laborie, S. Arsenault, D. Arevalo, 

C. Smith, A. Onabowale, C. Matheson, T. Brin, H. Lee, M. Materne 

■ r .'•-■"•.. ■ 

['. , f-JSStf^ 

^fla a^l mm* 1& il * ' 

■* ^ _ 




1 L±\ 



i^ - — «- 

^ Pfe 

First Row: 

B. Harrington, 
C.A. Dube, H.J. Park, 
Ms. D-L. Shepherd 
Second Row: 
K. McCormick, 
Y.J. Kang, 
S. Ragueneau, 
T. Pasquier, P. Shih 
Third Row: V. Harvey, 
E.A. Downey, 
B. Wickens, F. Sarrasin, 
J. Harvey 
Fourth Row: J.S. Kim, 
M. Brinckman-Smith, 
P. Wang, J. Harding- 
Marlin, J. Mastilir, 
I.C. Kwon 

From Left to Right: 

J. Yin, M. Amaya. 
F. Mohammed, 
C. Forget, F. Sarrasin, 
Mr. J. Kligerman, 
M. Vivares, L. Illick, 
F. Roumel, G. Guerra, 
C. Hopkins 

From Left to Right: 

Maj. F. Tessier, 
N. Charlton, A. Nemet, 

A.S. Pfaendner, 
R. Rodriguez, E. Milic, 
E. Borgio, L. Roberge, 
A. Mathieu, N. Bradley 

86 t 

From Left to Right: 

Ms. S. Brown, H. Carey, 
J. Ferreiro, C. Kouri, 
M. Herring, O. Lefebvre, 
A. Taschereau 


First Row: Mr. P. 

McDonald, E. Kmse, 
S. Notman, A. Lillis, 
F. al Haffar, E. Forget 
Second Row: 
M. Kupoluyi, L. Cho, 
A. Kim. M.A. Lee, 
T. Kanazawa, A. Ouellet 
Third Row: 
A.C. Arboleya, 
M. MacKenzie, 
R. Garner, Z. Kirkham, 
Y. Hsu, J. Onabowale 
Fourth Row: Ms. A. 
Barclay, J. Dunne, 
S. Ndizeye, A. Gelinas 
Roy, H.J. Jang 

First Row: P. Allen, 
J. Zeller, K. Cho 

Second Row: C. Teed, 
S. Teed, B. O'Connor 

Third Row: 

N. Morrow, K. Im, 
Mr. J. Bray, 
Mr. M. Madsen, 
A. Cunningham, 
M. LeRossingnol 


o 87 

From Left to Right: 

Ms. M. Forest, 

N. Olender, A. Becker, 

L.A. Ortiz, D. Jansen, 

J. Truckle, C. Heyerhoff, 

J. O'Keefe, P. Beaudry, 

F. Elliot, F. Moreno, 

J. Bernatchez, 

Ms. N. Larfi 


From Left to Right 

Ms. M. Forest, 
A.E. Turcotte, 
Y. Piyale-Sheard, 
E. Olguin, 
M.A. Gonzalez, 
S.M. Turcotte, 
P. Faure, 
M. Rafalowski, 
P. Gonzalez, 
Ms. N. Larfi 




The MIP Award: Morgan MacKenzie 

The MVP Award: Lydia Cho & Elinor Kruse 


The MIP Award: Antoine Giguere & Francis Gosselin 

The Gardiner Cup (MVP): Antony Bernard & Jae Keaun Kim 


The MIP Award: Alison Henderson 
The MVP Award: Sophie OReilly 
The Rookie Award: Megumi Saka 
The Coaches Award: Aisha Ladak-Barber 


The MIP Award: Gabrielle Bertrand-Guillemette 
The MVP Award: Sarrah Ewing 
The Rookie Award: Samantha Ewing 


The MIP Award: Bernardo Sanchez Navarro 
The Mark Tinker Award (MVP): James Edgar 


The MIP Award: Maxime Parisien-Lasalle & Cornelius Van Lessen 

The Rob Millyard Award, for sportsmanship and ability: Andrew 


The MacLeod Quaich Award (rookie award): Vasken Redwanly & 

Miguel Teran 

The Coaches Award: Jae Hong Chung & Philippe-Herve NDjore- 



The James Parker Award (MIP Award): Brian Harrington 
The MVP Award: Emilie-Ann Downey & Brandon Wickens 


Team Awards:ETIAC League Champions 

The Male MIP Award: Julien Bernatchez 

The Female MIP Award: Pauline Faure 

The Male MVP Award: Patrick Beaudry 

The Female MVP Award: Paloma Gonzalez de Cosio 


The MIP Award : Benjamin Schutz 
The MVP Award: Alex Cunningham 


The MIP Award : Guillaume Bieler 
The Best Climber Award: Eric Mi lie 


For exemplifying the virtues of true character. Through your 
performance on and off the court, you have demonstrated the 
essential characteristics of respect, attitude, perseverance, 
teamwork, optimism, responsibility and sportsmanship. 

Emilie-Ann Downey 
Melissa Wood 
Carley Smith 
Mcgumi Sakai 
Ariane Ouellet 
Sophie OReilly 
Aisha Ladak-Barber 
Pauline Faure 
Sarrah Ewing 

Round Square Events... 

Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, 
Adventure, Leadership, Service 

h 93 

First Row: 

P, Fawre, H, Vivares, 

C, Schmidt, L.A, Ortiz, 

M, Herring, L, Illic6 

Second Row: 

K, C^io, R, Garner, 

A, Gelles, 

T, Fitz-Jawes, 

A, Tascfiereaw, C, Kowri 

Tfiird Row: 

Mr, D, Rae (Director), 

R, Rodriguez, 

13, Widens, 

Ms, C, Warner, 

Ms, 5, Cassar 

An Act of the Imagination 


Annual Review of the Bishop f s College School 

Cadet Corps #2 

Reviewing Officer: 
The Honourable Colin Kenny, Senator 


Ondaatje Expedition: The Coral Reefs in Honduras 


~f- I jV h^S 



98 1 

Tall Ships Sailing through the Carribean 

o 99 

100 v 

Sjw^gd&^S pS£ 

i£.- v ..f.--;W^|W 

-*J :^| 

^Hl : I/^HB^^^I 

r'*~~* "''._'•*" L ^Hl 

L' ' 11 

i 4 

Duke of Edinburgh 
Merit Awards 


Jorge Antonio Bustamante 

Ana Cecilia Arboleya Versteeg 

Sophie Arseneault-Drapeau 

Patrick Beaudry 

Tadeus-Alexander Becker 

Julien Bernatchez 

David Cannon 

Olga Sofia Chavez-Ruiz 

Un Seop (Michael) Cluing 

Ryan Comeau 

Alexander Cunningham 

Pauline Faure 

Charlotte (Thea) Fitz- James 

Hao (AJ) Fu 

Alexandra Gelles Sanchez 

Evan Hallward 

Jennifer Harding Martin 

Kent Huynh 

Seung Jin (Agatha) Kim 

Mayowa Kupoluyi Olusola 

Xavier Laboue'rie 

Aisha Ladak-Barber 

Michael Le Rossignol 

Min Ah Lee 

Jordan Lefebvre 

Morgan Mackenzie 

Jaime Martin 

Paige Martin 

Jose Gerardo Martinez Kuri 

Jason Mastalir 

Maxine Materne 

Claire Matheson 

Michon McDonald 

Allen Meredith 

Iris Michel-Huard 

Enzo Mignot 

Asrah Mohammed 
Farahnaz Mohammed 
Samantha Notman 
Brody O'Connor 
Po-Jung (Vicky) Pao 
Hyun Ji Park 

Maxime Parisien-La Salle 
Jeong Joon Park 
Ann-Sophie Pfaendner 
Vasken Redwanly 
Regina Ruiz Lopez 
Hotaru Sakama 
Charlotte Schmidt 
Han-Kyeol (Jennifer) Song 
Anne Marie Taschereau 
James Truckle 
Cornelius Van Lessen 
Yao-Chieh (Jason) Yin 

1 '« 

H '^^^ [ 





1 '1 




Sophie Arseneault-Drapeau 

Fridate (Angel) Atomate 

Sarah Bernard 

Marie-Pierre Bertrand- 


David Cannon 

Jae Won Cheon 

Eun Jin (Lydia) Cho 

Kyu Suk (Kevin) Cho 

Jae Hong Chung 

Un Seop (Michael) Chung 

Claudia Coderre 

Mario Dao 

Eliane Forget 

Alexander Gordon Ehrenwald 

Danyin Hanitijo 

Chrystal Haynes 

Yu-Fang (Yvonne) Hsu 

Dominic Jansen 

Tomomi Kanazawa 

Fei-Wen (Wendy) Kao 

Zoe Kirkham 

Elinor Kruse 

Jeong Hyun Lee 

Amanda Lillis 

Laura Logan-Chesney 

Julie Luc-Turgeon 

Sarah Mastalir 

Marie Saskia Monsaingeon 

Neil Morrow 

Brody O'Connor 

Elean Olguin 

Logan Roberge 

Ryan Rodriguez 

Megumi Sakai 

Forrest Sarrasin 

Christopher Teed 

Michael Tsatsoulis 

Alison Usher-Jones 

Heather Vivarcs 






First Fruits Book Launch - Jewish Public Librarv 

Commonewealth Essaj Competition - Asrah Mohammed, winner 


Trivial Pursuit Inter-House Competition (Smith wins) [nter-School Public Speaking Competition 

Mariana Amaya Tellez 

"Nothing i.s forever and the time comes when 
we all must say goodbye to the world we 
knew..." MaryAlice Desperate Housewives 
Char: Lost Without U. Empanada. Sofs, Lulu, 
Elean, Ana. Regi. Berni. Arturo. Tokya. Dani. 
Pau. Palo, Andrea. Eloy, Gordon, Fer, Andres 
y to2: Los voy a Xtraar. Jennys & my sweet 
Koreans: SaRangHae. Venancio. Chris, Jules. 
Roomie & everyone who made this an 
amazing year thnks! Wish u guys the best 
ill never4yet it! 

Mariana toma^ 

Francis-Carl Belanger 

1 would like to thank my teachers and staff 
members lor helping me get through all my 
years at BCS. I also want to say a special 
thanks to Sarah B., Claudia C..' Jae-Won C. 
Angel A. and Sophie O., those who have been 
with me, my whole time at BCS. 

Finally. I would like to thank my French 
buddies Julien B. and David C. who made my 
last year the best. 


- t-X 

Julien Bernatchez 

Alright guys. Just wanna let you know I'll miss 
chilhn with you. Chapman Boys, thanks for 
being my brothers for those 2 years. Mr. 
Jackson, thanks a lot for making me realise 
that music is my passion. Hope to see you all 
again. Take it easy on Saturday. 

"Music the great communicator. Use 2 sticks 

to make it in the nature." 

-Anthony Kiedis Red Hot Chili Peppers 

JuittA^ htnrJw^y 

Fridate (Angel) Atomate 

Though this has been a difficult year for me I 
wouldn't have been able to stay sane without 
the many friends and teachers that have been 
there for me. even from a distance, (you know 
who u r). 

even so, i am looking forward to being a senior 
finally and i can't wait to see you all next 

Angel Atomate 

Sarah Bernard 

5 years already - scary. I can still remember the 
first day of school, feels like yesterday. I was a 
tomboy ( 1009f from Thetford Mines- and no. I 
don't live in the mines). 

I just want to thank everyone for the great 
times and memories, especially FB JB CC MP 
AL MT and Angel. A special thx to my 
brother. Megu (my lovely roommate 4 yrs), 
Madame Forest, and Koula for always being 
there for me! Keep smiling! 




Oh 6th form ... interesting... First of all thanks 
Gaga, you're a great sister. My cuzzin Sarah. I 
have a hard year ahead of me without you. 
Vashti my Bermudian buddy reads me like a 
book. Angel for her wise words. Heidi. 
Claudia, and Andrea for making Gillard that 
much greater. Nat vou're a great house parent. 
Love you all!! BABES UNITED! 
Start every day with a smile and get it over 

David Cannon 

Merci a tous ceux c/ui sont reste propre 
pendant I'anne'e. Tout les samedis qui etaient 
ben relax! Pi a toutes les douze heures qui reste 
avant que sa finissent, n'importe quelle heure 
qui soit e'est jamais temps d'arreter! Devene/ 
po sal pi commence a 1 0h3f) le matin. La vie 
est belle comme sa! N'oubliez pas cest quoi 
une vrais soiree avec les boys. Pi...alle/, done 
vous lave/, faite qlqchose ack vos face! 

DwXh- I 


Olga Sofia Chavez Ruiz 

I would never 4get my year (S' BCS, how can I 
if my room was always messy cause there were 
either Jamaicans or a noisy Venezuelan with a 
Hot Japanese or a French dancer or German 
people or awesome Mexicans in it. Glass 
house, carnival, ski trip, pub night, etc, great 
memories with awesome people. 

Don't 4get that I'll remember u (all). 



Jae Won Cheon 

Special THX to M Chung. JH Chung, I 
couldn't have endured 5 long yrs at BCS 
without you. JH Kim (Coming through'.'), SJ 
Lee (uh uh, uh), JH Lee (Hopkins Bud), JJ 
Park (Ta JJa). IC Kwon (.), R Park (Ju Mong 
nam); thanks all 

Finally, thanks Morrow for putting up with me 
and good luck next year. 


Eun Jin (Lydia) Cho 

Thx 2 everyone who has been with me. I've 
met great friends and spent great times again. 
Wendy, Megu, Tocci, DH. Heidi. Lulu. 
HyunJi, HaeJoo (I'll miss u), Misha, Alien L, 
Smoki, Mel. Eli. AL. SN. RG (Don't hate me) 
*My super roomy MA. I'll never forget u and 
I'll miss u. Thx 4 everything TQ. Julie (I luv ur 
song of me!) thx so much and Glass girls, it 
was a great year'. Again, I'll miss u all. Take 
care and good luck! 

y^cLici^ Che 7^ 


Kyu Suk (Kevin) Cho 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us 
are small matters to what lies within us." 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Keira Constable 

They were the best of times & the worst of 
times & now they're gone but not dead, thanks 
2 mum & aunt & uncle 4the opportunity. BS & 
MS & CTS my idols. JTS & TTS gluck 2 my 
friends: EAD & LLC my blonde partners in 
crime AT curling buddy CS u can wear ur hair 
like that ur a rockstar CT no more free cookies 
4u JS luv u SO thnx 4 the rides 
Thnx 2 every 1 else 4 the blonde & new fie 
jokes, thnx that was fun. no regrets 
NL represent! 

Emilie-Ann Downey 

"Somehow I can't believe that there are any 
heights that can't be scaled by a man who knows 
the secrets of making dreams come true. This 
special secret, it seems to me, can be 
summarized in four C s. They are curiosity, 
confidence, courage, and constancy, and the 
greatest of all is confidence. When you believe 
in a thing, believe in it all the way. implicitly 
and unquestionable." Walt Disney 

Thanks and good luck to everyone. Remember, 
only fools never change their minds. 

t Truiu - CLrvtv iJou^viM 

Claudia Coderre 

AWESOME! Lots of fun with everyone. 

Gillard girls remember OC - tear, and 

America's next top model. Some day one ol us 

will be there. Gonna keep this short. 1 haven't 

got much to saw 

Gonna end with one of my silly jokes: What is 

green and smells? 

Hulk's fail. AAHHAHAHA 

I'll miss all of you who are leaving, have fun in 



Alexander Cunningham 

This year has been amazing. I have learnt so 
much from so many people. I came to BCS not 
knowing what to expect and I ended up getting 
a lot of great friends and great memories. To 
those people I just want to say thank you for 
making my year what it was. 

Justine, I don't know what BCS would be like 
without you. 1 will miss you next year. 

I love you. 

Alexander Gordon Ehrenwald 

Big thanks to everyone that made this year 
what it was. Migee, G. Wero. Fer. Mis rey's! 

Miguel, como te vas cabron? pinche wey me 

dejas aqui solo con G? visita mucho. 

Fito y kinder; los extranare. 

Dan. Mar, Palo y Pau, las quiero un chingo. se 

les extraniara. 

Andrea, eres verdaderamente unica. 

MA sin ti, mi vida seria en bianco y negro. 

TQMMM! Estuvo pimp daddy yankee. 

Rene Fraser Elliott 

"An aim in life is the only fortune worth 


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 

%AM V 

Eliane Forget 

It's been 2 crazy years. Meeting people from 
all around the world was the best thing. Ingrid 
Tomomi Maxine Chance Agy Hotaru Pauline 
Ariane Laura Emili-Ann Loic all really good 
friends that were always there for me. 

Serious, crazy, funny laugh, that would be me. 
Although a lot of u will be far away from my 
eyes you'll stay close in my heart. I'll never 
Forget you. (One of my dad's jokes again.) 


Julia Ferreiro 

Life's what you make it. Let's make it totally 
RAD. SW we rnt makin a habit out of this CS 
thx4 takin care of me-Take Luck! Thea Our 
Team is a lil dispersed ALI after school 
program meant SO much 2 me! Quote Box! 
Paige TOMATE? Jaime here's 2 spinal carpet 
burn ANND dahlin. HE WILL BE MINE/UR 
VAN1-THAT WEEKEND. Best I ever had- 
Here's 2 Team Dust's Future Adventures ... 
BabesUnited... (ShhuunnTheNonBelievers) 
FP&Momma; I love u so much. I couldn't have 
done this without u 


Alexandra Gelles 

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths 

we take, but by the moments that take your 

breath away." 

To the amazing set of people here at BCS. you 

are impossible to forget! To the craziest room 

in Glass. Koreans, Fasrah. SC, AP. Corny. PJ. 

HS. PF. AB. SD, CM, JY, LR, good times. 

Guillaume. History class and deadly corrosive 


Thank you for an incredible year. Viva 



u 107 

Maria Andrea Gonzalez Versteeg 

Me. Mo, Re. Ana. Pablis [.u. Sing. G. Migue, 
Dani, Guero. Empanada, uds ya saben gracias 
por todo, neta los voy a extramur. Roomie 
thnks for Korean food and endless laughs. Gor. 
no hay palabras, gracias por hacerme sonreii 
t.a. Mike what can I say. thnks for being in my 
lite, voting won hee sa rang hae. 

And every one else who made this 2 yrs 
awesome thnks, estuvo padrote. 


Chrissa Houle-Laberee 

Throughout my past 5 years at BCS. I have had 

the chance to meet great people & create 

amazing friendships. 

I would just like to thank everyone who has 

been there for me, all of my friends, teachers & 

coaches throughout the years. 

Most importantly I would like to thank my 

parents for giving me this ama/ing 

opportunity Thanks to everyone & good luck 

in the future! 

■' ' ' a. HoOt-UVi 

Dominic Jansen 

Well that's 2 years down and I to go. 

To you people that are leaving, good luck. I'll 

miss you and thanks for passing through. 

Been a great 2 years, and I won't forget you 

And don't forget me either, cause 2(1 years 
down the road. I'll be right there, ready to 
borrow money. 

Danyin Hanitijo 

BCS is a historical school; everybody here is 
like a big family. 

Teachers and friends are like parents, brothers 
and sisters. 

I thank all my teachers, friends, house parent. 
TODs and everyone in BCS for an awesome 

^"f^-faty 'jtflfi 

Sung Jun (Kevin) Im 

As my fourth year of BCS ends. I'd like to 
thank all the people who made my 6th form 
year great: 
Max. Neil. Brody, G and Miguel! 

Can't wait till next year. 

- Slim Jim (tiger kick masta!) - 


i ■ r\ 

Tomomi Kanazawa 

Wake up. school, crease, prep, sleep + Internet, 
talk with my friends. 

2 \rs so far, I've had lots of experiences from 
these uneventful days that I'll never forget. Thx 
to my friends for supporting me when I needed 
it. to my parents for giving me the opportunity 
to come here, and to everyone for making my 
life in BCS treasure! 

Love u all :l Good luck to those who are 
leaving & see u next yr for the rest of ppl. 

Fei-Wen (Wendy) Kao 

Another year gone by... It's time to say good 

bye 4 those r leavin 

U all made my life better 

julie&kat thx 4 all ur support. JUSTIN BABE 

I LUV U thx. yHsu u r still da best. jChen life 

is hard keep goin ull get there, danyin u r the 

best roommate. ICho luv u. mLee&megu 

pWang tks ur advice&caring. jHsueh make 

sure dats da right I . justine&alex special thx, 

every I who help&h with me when I was down. 

Thank you! 

Wervdy Kcu>< 



Seung Jin (Agatha) Kim 

1 definitely got healthier and became muscular 
since I came to BCS. For each break my 
parents didn't recognize me at the airport. Now 
I'm able to control my sister in physical ways, 
even though she is twice taller than I am. 
And thank you to my roomies, Eliane and 
Tomomi. for waking me up in the morning. It 
was no use of my alarm clock. 

I'm worried about how I am gonna get up from 
this September. 


Aisha Ladak-Barber 

To Mom and Colin, thank you so much tor 
always helping me through the good, the had - 
1 know it was hard. I would like to also [hank a 
few friends MP.*good times, never forget you* 
MW I don't even know where to start... I'm 
sorry SB for the numerous talks at 9: 1 5. The 
geo class buds and of course the studio studs. 
CS SO Ross girl. DC FB & JB the Frenchies. 
C'cst samedi prend sa relax y reste encore I2h. 

Aw>r^ i^uU. . gpjotA 

Go Eun (Heidi) Lee 

"There are two ways to live your life. One is 
as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as 
though everything is." 

Albert Einstein 

I On 

Jeong Hyun Lee 

"As we acquire more knowledge, things do not 
become more comprehensible, but more 

Dr. Albert Schweitzer 

Seung Jin Lee 

Thank you all for the unconditional love. 
Especially thanks to: Jaehong, Unseop, 
Jaewon. hoon, ma roommate Maxime, 
ieonghyun, Rickdog. Ben. Joon. CC haha, my 
brother eloy. ma mexicanos and smith boys for 
this wonderful year. 

Those of you leaving. I won't forget the best 
memories we shared. Those of you coming, 
let's ha\e a fun and sexyv year !! 

lastly, mc fam forever 



Ingrid Louis 

"Adults can leam from the young, for the 
hearts of children are pure. Therefore they 
may be shown many things which older people 

Great Elk 

Min Ah Lee 

I can't believe that it's only been a year in BCS. 

I'm glad that I could be here. 

It is hard to explain how nice it is that 1 met all 

of you!!- Lydia. Asian Megu. Danyin. Wendy. 

Agatha, Hyun Ji. Hye loo, Heidi, Tomomi, 

Maria Andrea. Alexu, Fara. and Sofia You 

were the best!! 

I wish all of your tomorrows are brighter and 


ILUVU" Thank you and let's have fun next 

year tool!! 

MmAV> Le#. 

Laura Logan-Chesney 

My two years at BCS have been unforgettable' 
To all my teachers, coaches and Mrs. H. thanks 
for the knowledge and support. 

To friends, I will miss you but will never 
forget the awesome times. And finally my 
family, thanks for this amazing opportunity. 
Undergrads. enjoy these years and to all the 
grads, good luck and have fun! 

I hope to see you again! 

■ OM^L^^ew^ UW^ 

Julie Luc-Turgeon 

Well, I was here for only 3 years, met some 
interesting people along the way aka. CHL. R- 
No. CML, AE-T, AO. SAD. PF, BW; you guys 
helped me out so much, I love you all. 

Everything was worth it, from the dances that 
would get interesting by the end of the night, to 
laughing hundreds of times for no reason. 

Take care; 1 hope we keep in touch. 


A Jj-tf. AjjK>qivrr~ 

Christoph Maccow Lehmann 

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win 
glorious triumphs even though checkered by 
failure, than to rank with those poor spirits 
who neither enjoy nor suffer much because 
they live in the gray twilight that knows neither 
victory or defeat. " 

Theodore Roosevelt 


Maxine Materne 

365 days Big Chilling and Stressing. Wow, 

what a year! To all my babies (especially 

Farah. Chance. Eliane, Charlotte, Jen, Tat I - 

you're AWESOME guys!! Thanks for all your 

love, care and support that made this year one 

of the best of my life! 

Never met so many insane (love you 

Catherine!!), funny, ama/ing people. Gillard 

Girls you ROCK! 

I'll miss you guys, but we'll keep in touch 

Jamaica yayay!! 

l/ot^. LjJ- 

Jose Gerardo Martinez Kuri 

Primero q nada mexicanos y mexicanas grs a 
todos. un gusto Cuidense y visiten. Se les va a 
extranar. Lanchero. Dito. Regio gracias no 
hubiera sido lo mismo sin uds. los quiero 

Regi, Menea dos anhos juntos q han sido 
increibles las qm. Party companions will miss 
u all. 6th formers see you next year. Smith 
hoys: Neil. Max, we'll miss u, take care good 
luck. Brody. Koreans what a year is coming 

'ifrm ^V 

Allen Meredith 

Id like to thank all the people to whom I've put 
my B**** in their faces. + the motocross kind 
of guy. 
Boys it's Saturday, dont worry about it. 

"If you're gunna get mad at me every time I do 
something stupid 1 guess I'll just have to stop 
doing stupid things!"- Homer Simpson 

"Go through your opponents, the best hits 
make no noise"- Albert Macdonald 


Ijk h>Ji 


Asrah Mohammed 

To Sofia for being my patient instructor in the 
ways of cajeta. dancing, and for informing me 
that when they say raton. they don't mean rat. 
and AnnSo for her conversation, being 
charmed instead of repelled by my French (or 
at least pretending she was), and for Pfeuft!. 
Also to Alexa and Pauline and Hotaru for 
completing my home away from home: I can't 
wait for another year with you' 
I love our crazy group; thanks for making this 
year so special, guys. 


Fernando Moreno 

3 years have gone by so fast and still having 

the time of my life 

Mom dad thn\ 4 everything. Bibeau - senior 

soccer next year, joga bonito. G. Gordon. 

Fraser. MikeT. Sarahs I more 2 go. Fito mi 

bro. Andy cuidat. Miguel wero los vamos a 

extranar. Gelles remember how we met? lol 

Danny. Pau. Palo, marianas. sof mexicanos c u 

soon... Andrea gracias x tdo 

Can't say good bye, somehow I'll always be 





Elean Olguin 

It was a crazy year! Special thanks to Jenny. 
Jennifer. Mariana you guys are great! and 
everybody else thanks. Thanks lor all the 
memories and fun limes you allowed me to 
have, it was great. I'm never going to forget 
them. Jenny I am going to miss you soooooo 
much, good luck in your university. 

All of those who are leaving, good luck and 
see you someday.. 

Farahnaz Mohammed 

Sofia & Annso I love my girls, a little too 
much sometimes. Don't forget the good times 
(the bad ones, yeah, lol) Corny & Maxine My 
Germans!!! Kuss kuss kuss, I'll you more 
than is healthy. To Mexican candy. Milkas. 
Pockys. Shakespeare & to the most difficult, 
most fun and best year of my life. Thanks, 
guys. AA (And of course: <3 AG. PF, HS. LR. 


Brody O'Connor 

Like to thnk all ppl who have gotten my B**** 
in their faces + moto cross kinda guy 

Dexter: Dee Dee. I heard a great joke! As a 
physics professor and assistant r workin on 
liberatin negatively charged hydroxy! ions, the 
assistant says. Wait. Professor! What if the 
salicylic acids dont accept the hydroxyl ions'.' 
And the profesor responds. That's no hydroxyl 
ion! That's mv wife! 

tA~- CX-^w^ 

Sophie O'Reilly 

Memories... Studio Studs 4ever. Carley we'll 
be kickin it, Aish good times. C-UNIT Angel 
see ya next year. MT our ups and downs, BTC 
4 life. Fraser my lil sis, Davey & Julz tes 
propre mais po lui Vero missed ya 
Thanks Mom Dad Kelli Kait 4 the support 
Johnny 4 carin 

Phil thx 4 an amazin 2 years, the support my 
best friend I won't ever forget u PP&F I love u 
nun. good luck nil be great at anything u do. 



Ariane Ouellet 

Time goes fast, too fast. Thanks to everyone: 
family, friends and teachers who, during these 
past three unforgettable years, made each of 
my days unique, plentiful, fulfilling. 

Memories last forever, never do they die. True 
friends stay together and never say goodbye. 
To the ones who are leaving I wish you the 
best of luck and to the others well, keep it up! 
= ) Ceci n'est qu'un au revoir... 



Logan Roberge 

Well, I sure have had a great two years here 

already, and have another to go. 

To those coming back, see you all next year!.. 

If not. Good Luck all" 

Thanks to all my friends & the Chapman boyz. 

you guys were awesome! 

Don't just hope lor great things, take the steps 
to accomplish them ... remember that! 


Ann-Sophie Pfaendner 

One thing BCS has taught me:What doesn't kill 

u makes u stronger! Thanks to: Eric: Halt die 

huebschen Ohren steif! 

Asrah: I'm sure you loved Glass House 

although it doesn't rhyme with caribou. 

Farah: Don't ever give up on them, it's not their 


Sofia: Thanks for the colours in my life. 

Alexa: You are no. 1 on the list and you know 

it! Elinor: still waters run deep... and hide dark 

abysses. Cornelius:Prost! 

iA-df"- It 

Richard (Chance) St-Marche 

"Every man's life ends the same way. It is 
only the details of how he lived that 
distinguish one man from another." 

Ernest Hemingway 


Megumi Sakai 

Thx a lot 2 ppl who Supported Me For 5 Yrs 
Especially 2 My Friends, ,Aga-My Cute Teddy 
Bear, L.A.- (DHnMAnEO) we R eool . Emi-I 
envy, luv, N missUmyBigtree, Ari-ur My Best 
bball partner. lyjia-ChapagettiLuv, Tomo-my 
Luv Counselor. Hota-lil Noisy But Cute N 
Funny, MAGV- Best Flag Assist. Luv N 
missU.Yv- I'll Go Visit Ur University, Wen- 
cute Bball Manager. Heidi-Smart. Aggressive. 
N Positive Person. Can't 4get My Roommate 
SarahB UrTheBEST(muhahaha) 

Charlotte Schmidt 

1 learned a lot also academically but about 

deep friendships t V respect lor others. Thanks 

to every one who made my year here at BCS 

this special and unforgettable, especially: 

MarianaTm nothing without you! 


Megan:EARTHQUAKE' Never Change, lov 

va so much! Alex, Ansophie. Maxine. Corni: 

ihr seits die Besten! Mis Mexicanovlos 

quieroo! Thea:l love you! 

To all of you: Take luck and care for n' 

Anne Taschereau 

Where2Start7 U Guys Last Year Made My 1st 
Yr Amazing; CC. CrazyBones. Grease. This 
Yr-AA. CS. CC. KC + Chums In Team Dust; 
Car Chase. Operation Snowbank. Shun The 
Nonbeliever, Theory Of Life Night. Sign 
Language. Why Am I Late ALL THE TIME. 
Best I Ever Had. Mr. Boundabe + What Not, 
Nice View To The Left, JF; darlin Watch 
Flashdance + Garden, AJ-Parasol Fight In 
Corsets. JM- yes Merlin Love Is Boring. PM- 
RIP Hannah&Jimmy. you'll never be forgotten. 




Forrest Sarrasin 

Two of my favorite quotes from Sir Wmsion 


l."Il is a mistake lo try to look too far ahead. 

The chain of destiny can only be grasped one 

link at a time." 

2. "Personally I'm always ready to learn. 

although I do not always like being taught." 

BCS was a worthwhile experience, but it is 

now time to move on. I would like to say 

thanks to all my friends and family who helped 

me through it all. 

Carley Smith 

The writers weren't kidding about how all good 
things must end.DC mon beau garcon Sr girls 
h-ball ill miss you guys EAD&LLC I will 
always look up to girls Meatloaf & the lam I 
love you & thanks for always being there. 
The tiny man Mr. Leger. KC geo class The 
studio studs. The Germans (Cornelius & hands 
and feet) backscratches :The writers weren't 
kidding, but the good things will live in our 

Michael Tsatsoulis 

"Friendship is not something you learn in 
school. But if you haven't learned the meaning 
of friendship, you really haven't learned 

Muhammad Ali 

Alison Usher-Jones 

Angel I'm defs gonna fail that. JuLiE here's to 
future adventures. Jaime Hs are a big deal 
Paige tomate? Anne, you know Jeremy from 
BU? Thea. you know Dave from Canada? 
Shuun The NonBelievers AfterSchoolProgram 
WelcomeToManatoba Best I ever Had 
We'reAll In This Together Ok Here's The 
Story ... Charrlliiee Were On A bridge 
Chaarliee Yozzles Rap4eva TeamDust Guitar 
Club Car Chase BabesUnited MP 
ILoveYouAll TnxMom 


Heather Vivares 

BCS Life Lessons 

1. run. 

2. permanent marker = not a good idea 

3. The best way to shine is in the dark. 

4. Having kinetic powers will get you sent in. 

5. Hubert Cumberdale & Wizard taste like 

6. Mints hurt. So do Doc. Martins. 

7. Remove gloves before wind-check. 
And finally... 8. Madam is the coolest! 
Thanks to: the fam & friends-Much love to you 
all =1 

Hea+W V 

Cornelius Van Lessen 

This one year in BCS was one of the best in 
my life. I don't know where I should start... is 
it the Mexican candy or the pizza on the 
weekends. Maybe it is the "Hurry up guys in 
the shower because whoever was on duty slept 
too long"? I'm gonna miss all of that but the 
most will be all my friends. I want to come 
back but I can't so I wish all of you good luck. 

Love you guys 

KjCrrDUlP) into JuJ\W, 

k 111 

Fares al Haffar 

This year has been different, bin thanks to all 
m\ teachers and friends it has been an easy 
transition filled with good memories. I want to 
thank the boys from North especially Sam. 
Sebast. Phil. Jon and Vasken for all the great 
laughs. And I want to thank m\ fellow students 
Andy, Neil, Max. Ben, Chris, Aidan. Sadie, 
Brod'y. Allen. Mike T and G for the good 
times. Run wit it, RUN!!! We are winning... 

Aidan Bourke 

There are tons of people to thank over an 
eventful four years. First, the McNaughton 
boys, especially those from the beginning: 
A.E. B.S, Jh. C, K.H. R.C. D.G. R.D. J.H. J.Z, 
E.M. M.T. T.H and. to mention a lew from the 
past. P.F. T.N and AT. As well as all the rest: 
S.M, M.P-L. J.C. S.N, Z.K. The great teachers; 
S.K. A.M. N.A. DP. M.M. L.E. FT and D.L. 
Most importantly. m\ family: My mom. Justin, 
m\ grandparents and especially m> dad. Good 
luck to everyone next year. 

Aidan Bourke 

Jae Hong Chung 

It's already been 6 years in BCS, and now I am 
finally graduating. It was a fantastic year for 
me, and I'd like to thank all of you who made 
this possible. Special thanks to Michael, 
Seung. JaeWon, III. Joon. Ben. Ricky, Karim. 
G, Max for everything that you guys have done 
for me. I will never forget all of you guys, and 
wish a best luck for all of you. Lastly. I'll miss 
you Agatha. 

H M 


Karim al Haffar 

A big thanx to my parents for giving me the 
opportunity to come here. As I leave BCS, I 
leave behind all the memories, and the good 
times we had together, I would like to wish a 
good luck to all McN boys. J-HC. BS. RC, 
AB, EM. AE, KH, JZ, RD. J-HK. DG. And 
especially Paige, ur a great girl, I will never 
forget u. Well... everything has an end, now 
that I am leaving, I hope u good luck in ur life, 


Man Hon (Ricky) Choi 

"A life spent making mistakes is not only more 
honorable but more useful than a life spent 
doing nothing." 

Georee Bernard Shaw 

L AsO 



Un Seop (Michael) Chung 

Finally over! ! 6 years in BCS is an 
unforgettable memory. Thanks to JHC and CT 
for being there for six years since the 
beginning. We are finally outta here! Also, to 
JWC. SJL. JHK. JJP, RC. Ben. FB. thanks to 
all of you. One more, thanks MENEA for 
beini: the best GF and you are always my 
Thanks to my 2nd father Mr.D for your help 
for 4 years. To all of you. GOOD LUCK ! ! 

,!tCJlcte( C/l"'Y' 

Jonathan Cohen 

It's been a long two years, and the end has 
finally come. Thanks to all the North hoys for 
sticking through it with me: Bussy. Fares, Grit/ 
Master. Phil. Sam ... we had a good lime. 
Thanks to everyone for all the memories. 

RIP Jimmy and Hannah, miss you both. 

To everyone else we only part to meet again... 


3oa (joV^a 

Loic Durand 

It's that time to say good-bye and I can say I'll 
deeply miss BCS. Here are a couple of thanks 
(the list goes on forever): M-S. Dr. Booth, 
Chuck, Monica & Glen, Jacques, Leger, all the 
teachers I ever had. Earl. Jared. Chris, anyone 
who helped me. Mr Evans for letting me back. 
Major Tessier. all my friends... 
Finally I must thank my parents for sending me 
here. All the best for my sister and M-S next 

[^ Dwu^J, 

Andrew Ewing 

After 5 yrs its finally come to an end, I would 
like to thank all the boys: SM. MPSL. CT. 
NM. SH. PH. AB, JC. FA. SO HM, LL. Good 
times. Good luck to all the returning 6th 
formers keep up the tradition. Thanks to my 
parents and grand mother for this opportunity. 
Thanks to the teachers that have put up with 
me through the years and all the McNaughton 
boys I have known. 


Charlotte (Thea) Fitz-James 

"There is a tide in the affairs of men. 

Which, taken at the Hood, leads on to fortune; 

Omitted, all the voyage of their life 

Is bound in shallows and in miseries. 

On such a full sea are we now afloat. 

And we must take the current when it serves, 

or lose our ventures." 

-William Shakespeare 

f^ /%*6~^-~ " 

114 e 

Rebecca Garner 

Elinor, you kept me sane - I love you more 
than we love showers. Together we will finish 
off the juice. You have been the best 
roommate, friend and psychiatrist I ever 
thought 1 could find in this world. Thanks to 
my fellow Drama Geeks: Thea + Charles + 
Rebecca = love. (Ryan tool. Best advice to all: 
keep your friends close, and your enemies 
closer. For all those who I won't miss: one day 
I will be President of the World. I'll show you. 
(Leger will be my Third-in-Command.) Good 

Jtik&a Jwntt. 

Jennifer Harvey 

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is For 
good people to do nothing." 

Edmund Burke 

X- jUlnXfjU*. tjlXT- 

Alison Henderson 

"Oh, the places you will go!" It's not just a 
children's book anymore, its a promise! Thanks 
to Julie, I will "soar to high heights". Thanks to 
Mr. Rae. I'll "start happening too". To all of 
my friend over the years, thank you for 
teaching me that the grass is greener all 
around. Thank you to those who never gave up 
on me as hard as it may have been - you are 
the ones who gave me a dream. 

David Gelles 

This is the break in the bend 

Somebody once told me: Don't cry because it's 

over, smile because il happened 

Thanks to those who have been there for me, 

you know who you are. 

To the brothers: Keep it real McNammals. 


Don! stup singing on the chairlift (because I 


"Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, 

you start missing everybody." 

i).W i '.;■. iMo jk 


Chrystal Haynes 

More than a conquerer. 
Peace, love. Jah bless 


Sebastian Heyerhoff 

Like the great Biggie Smalls once said "It was 
all a dream". Thanks to my boys: Philli, SM, 
FH, JC. NM, AE. CT, Max, AB, AM, Gritz. G, 
Brody stay true. JOLLY and GREEN! To my 
parents: Thanks for your support, you raised 
me right. 

Rest in Peace to Jimmy and Hannah, I haven't 

Dipset. holla at me. 


Yu Fang (Yvonne) Hsu 

After 6 years of "suffering". I'm finally going 
to university! BCS is the place that I will never 
forget and always miss. I would like to thank 
all the teachers who help me through these 
years, friends who share happiness and sadness 
with me and most importantly, my family who 
are always there to support me. 

I would like to wish friends who are coming 
back next year good luck and have fun — 

Ifolfie. I-Ly. 

Kent Hyunh 

Wow, 4 yrs right there. Can't believe it's finally 
over. Good/bad times, lots of memories. 
Special thx to my parents who supported me 
all the way. Time 2 say goodbye to all those 
who made my life so much easier here. 
djRicKDog. c-wAlk KiM. (RD). gERes, 
BoOma. LEE!. Khuffar + SHUTZ.. and for 
those who stuck up with me: AE, AB, AB. TB. 
EM, JHC, JWC, FA, JS. MT. I'll always 
remember u guys! pEacE!!!! 

orj- Hu\|i/i 

Jung Hoon Kim 

"Life is far too important a thing to talk 
seriously about," 

Oscar Wilde 

Sbr^r 1 

Zoe Kirkham 

My last two years of high school at BCS have 
been amazing. To my Gillard girls thanks for 
the unforgettable limes: Babes United! To my 
friends thanks for making me laugh. SW SM 
SN AL lots of love! Chris I will love you 
forever. EG thank you for a great deal of 
inspiration. My family I love you more than 
the universe. 

RIP Hannah 1 wish you were here. 

Now its my turn to get lost and find myself. 



Charles Kouri 

Fi\e things I will never forget about BCS: 

1 . The Ross House spirit stick! 

2. Chicken fingers. ..or suramin or nutlin. 

3. A lot of people... too many to mention. 

4. Grease (and those other plays) 

5. MADAAAMl Frizzle > 

And now. to he simply random, here's a quote: 

"Only the gentle are ever really strong." -James 

L>^W_ K< 

Amanda Lillis 

BCS is like a new pair of underwear, at first it's 
constricting hut then after a while it becomes a 
part oi you! Thanks a ton to my associates 
(SN, AH. SW. ZK) and educators, and any 
other fascinating individuals I found along (he 
way. Enough said. Farewell people... I'm oft to 
see the world, there's such a lot of world to 

"Pay attention, my intention is to bust a move 
.... word" - the Beastie Boys 


Sarah Mastalir 

How I will miss late nite Family Business & 
other escapades- ZK. SW. CH. TJ- 
Unforgettable! Cuzzin, life wouldn't be as wild 
without u. NM. CT, AB. AE. BS thx 4 making 
me laugh when I needed it the most. My 3 little 
brothers ur amazing! BCS opened my eyes and 
heart 2 new possibilities, thx 2 everyl who 
made it that way. RIPH. miss u ... On to bigger 
and better things. BCS 2(107! Luv u all BABES 

Eric Milic 

"The way to make a million dollars is to start a 

I. Ron Hubbard 


Elinor Kruse 


The memories I'll keep are those of the few 

people who contributed some brightness every 

day. To the stumpf rest: maybe you'll find the 

light at the end of the tunnel. We like it there. 

Mel: I love you. go find yourself! 

Rebecca: you're the second body to my soul. 

Fourth (last but not least...), blood-orange juice 

will be scarce one day. Spartans don't like 

bagels, right? 


Samuel MacCormiek 

Every new beginning comes from some other 

beginning's end. 

Good luck to everyone who's leaving. To all 
the boys, it's been a great 3 years. Keep er off 
the hinges! 

Thanks to my family, friends, and teachers. 
See you on the other side. 

Peace. RIP. 

ji^-- iW Cenmc- \^ 

Robert MeBride 

Thx to all my McN bros. my parents, teachers, 
BCS staff, and my adopted parents, you know 
who you r and oh ya everyone else. For 
everyone that's leaving. I hope to see you soon 
and for the rest of you that r stuck at BCS 
umm... enjoy it, I guess. 
"And this our life, exempt from public haunt, 
finds tongues in trees, books in the running 
brooks, sermons in stones, and good in 
everything." - W. Shakespeare 



Neil Morrow 

M\ two years at BCS have been amazing 
thanks to AE, CT, SH, SM, FA and SM. 
Thanks guys for all of the laughs, helping me 
through those rough times and the great 
memories. I want to thank Mr. Kelso and Mr. 
Madsen for all of (heir help and guidance. 
MPL. BO. KI, GM. MT and JWC. I'll never 
forget all of the great times we had and all of 
the laughs we shared in Smith. 

Rest In Peace Jimmy and Hannah 

hUi M 


Philippe-Herve N'Djore-Acka 

Never 4gel where ur from and who got u 
where ur at! 

2 my teachers thx 4 sharing ur wisdom and 
advice with me. 2 my friends thx 4 all the 
laughs check u later! Ma famille merci pour le 
support inlini. PG/OReilly family Im4ever 
indebted 2 u 4 all the love and care u've shown 
me. thx alol. Sophie, ur my lil sweetheart, I'll 
never 4get what we have. Angel, I'm always 
here 4 u. I'm out sons, Southside... 


Samantha Notman 

BCS has been an unforgettable experience. 
Thanks to everyone who has made it so 
memorable, you are all amazing. Glass girls- 
thanks for all the laughs, its been fun. 
AL.ZK.SW.AH much love. Max. thanks for 
opening up my heart, 1 love you. Mum & Dad- 
this was a great opportunity that you gave me. 
And to my teachers, I couldn't have made it 
this far without your help & support. 
We've finally made it! Good luck in the real 
world! I'll miss you all! It all comes down to 




Justine Onabowale 

3 years gone, many memories made. Friend 
4ever: Maike, Jenna. Emma. Mel. Moraima 
Rebecca, Bea. Elinor. Natasha. Andrea, 
Sheena. Amanda. Ryan. Sam, Corny, Peter, 
Angel, Christy, Glenn, Mikey and the rest I 
won't forget. Thanks to all the ama/.in 
Julie, Mr. Bray. Dr. Booth and Kal. 


And to the person who helped me through this 
year the most, Alex, thanks for being amazing. 



Ryan Rodriguez 

Thanks to my friends, my teachers hut 
especially my family. 

It's been tun. 

Save the Whales. 


JiMin (Jenny) Song 

Everyone who was with me for my last year in 
BCS. thank you so much. Sometimes, hard 
and tough, sometimes sweet and happy. I can't 
feel anything but sadness since you guyz are 
the best I've ever known. Don't forget Jenny 
Song - not loud enough in the chapel, 
extremely Asian, always with her sister Jen S, 
and the one who loves you the most. Have fun 
next year, peace, homies! Te amo. Nicolai 
the end 

Maxime Parisien-LaSalle 

It has only been one year, but what a year it 
has been! We've had our share of good times 
and many more are to come. I would just like 
to thank: my family, Andy. C-bass. SMC. 
Phil. Chris, Ben, Fares also my boys in Smith 
Nizzle, Brody. Kevin. Seung. Miguel and G 
thanks 4 all the fun nights, definitely some oi 
my best memories. 

Sam.N I Love u and you will always hold a 
special place in my heart. 



Benjamin Schutz 

I'd like to thank all my boys from Men for 
giving me the best times ever in my 4 years at 
BCS. Book eater Choi. Homy Jae the bully. 
Aidan Andy and Gareeeesss. Kaffaar and the 
rest of them sneaky dudes. I thank my 4 
brothers for the best times in the bubble, 
Jimmy. Abdul and Jake and of course Chris. I 
give all my love to Sarah, the nicest girl ever 
and of course Mel. Thk you so much, all my 




Christopher Teed 

6 years. I've made it through, thanks to the 
boys, SG, HM, SG, JS. PA. AE. MPL. NM. 
SH. LL. MC. SM, I'll always remember the 
good times. Thanks Zoe for always being 
there, its been Rad 1 Love You Baby. Thanks 
to my family for the support I love you guys. 
Bray, Jenny Bolduc, Jami C and D. couldn't 
have done it without your help. But now. I'm 
done. I'm out. Peace! 

R.l.P. Hannah. Jimmy and Grandma 

Sadie Weinstein Marshall 

This year at BCS has been absolutely 
incredible. Ive learned important lessons and 
shared new experiences with the most ama/ing 
people. Big ups to my Gillard (and honorary 
Gillard) girls: ZK.SM.CH.JF.SN.AL.TFJ I 
couldn't have killed time with better people. 
EG your words go farther than you'd know. 
Keep on keeping on. 

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is 
you're the pilot." 
One love. 

James Zeller 

7 years.., thats a long time 
Gelles, we will always have the book 
MELMEL (your welcome) 
"Conscience does make Cowards of us all" 

Melissa Wood 

6 yrs and now its over.Than.x 2 teachers & 
Family who made it possible. Will miss u: 
Wendy, Ufg, Lydia. Mariana, Glass Girls, 
Prefects, 1 2 AM crew. 2 those who were there; 
Gelles: can't even sum it up Eli: my German 
Princess BoomBoom! Scjuirtle: love u. let's 
chase cars Aisha: my hunji muffin JuJu + Bex: 
thx 4 good times Ben: je'tm NZO: 12 1 5 22 2 1 . 
2 those who weren't: HA, J. A & S.D It's never 
goodbye, just see you later. 

%e$Mno^ / U&ttL>+ 



It starts with a procession down the catwalk. It follows with awards and prizes and giving credit where credit is due. 

...and in the end. 



Then that ever important piece of paper. Goodbyes follow. Some dinner and dancing at the Ritz Carleton. And then, your whole life.. .the world... 




*■ JT 













> --"•?■ «... . v .